Barbara Lee Center Has Its Grand Opening

Barbara Lee Center Has Its Grand Opening

(Photo Gallery below) November 6 was truly an historic day for Merritt College. On a beautiful fall afternoon, hundreds of guests from the college, the District, and around the Bay Area came to honor Congresswoman Barbara Lee and her namesake building, the Barbara Lee Science and Allied Health Center. The 110,000-square-foot building was completed after two years of construction and far more time in the planning, and the Congresswoman couldn’t have been more proud. “It was a labor of love,” she said to the enthusiastic crowd of faculty, staff, and students, her friends and family, and the dignitaries she has worked with and supported over the years. “It’s not only a building, but a center. It’s an honor to have the name Barbara Lee on the building.”

There was a lot to be proud of. Dr. Sadiq Ikharo, Vice Chancellor of General Services, said the building was “on time and on budget,” Chancellor Jowell Laguerre admired the beautiful view and called it  a major accomplishment. “It’s wonderful to dedicate this facility to Barbara Lee for the contributions she’s made to the Peralta colleges, the state of California, the USA and the world,” he said. Merritt President Norma Ambriz-Galaviz said, “The center will focus on STEM education and ensuring access for all young people to have a chance to become innovators,” and added, “A true village came together to build this center.”

And bright and early Monday morning Dr. Ambriz-Galaviz sent an email collegewide thanking everyone who played a role in the day, administrators, faculty, staff, and students — and especially named groundsmen and custodians —  for “truly demonstrating the excellence of Merritt College.” (Photos by Susan May)

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