Come to the Fall Opening of Merritt S.O.U.L and Sample Recipes from Our Cookbook

<h2>Come to the Fall Opening of Merritt S.O.U.L and Sample Recipes from Our Cookbook<h2>

 Fall is in the air—and with it a bounty of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables! Join us to celebrate the opening of the fall season and the Food Bank’s new name–Merritt S.O.U.L. (Sustainable Oakland Urban Lives) on Thursday, September 13, from 12-4 p.m. in Room D-144.  We will also be announcing the upcoming Merritt S.O.U.L.Community Cookbook which will be by you and for you

As Coordinator Brandon Christian explains, the new name better reflects the purpose of the food bank. “As the cost of living rapidly increasesn the Bay Area, students are facing insecurity at an alarming rate,” says Brandon, staff assistant in the President’s Office. “Because this problem can negatively affect the performance of our students, we are providing not just free produce and a variety of other grocery items, but information from our Nutrition & Dietetics Department on how to develop a healthy affordable diet.”


iTo contribute to that effort, Brandon and a small team of volunteers, along with the Nutrition students, are! producing a cookbook that will contain recipes that are easy to make, have good nutritional ingredients, and are low cost. He is hoping that everyone will contribute to the Merritt S.O.U.L. Cookbook with a favorite recipe which they will be credited for and become an instant cookbook author! There will be a handout with simple guidelines and instructions for submission on September 13 event,  and they will be on the website. There will also be recipe samples  prepared by the cookbook team. (First-come, first served!)

After 1-1/2 years and the participation of nearly 5,000 community members, the Merritt S.O.U.L. continues to grow and offer morend more services to the Merritt and the far-reaching community as you’ll find on our website: There is also a volunteer sign-up sheet for anyone who wants to help out in the effort! For questions, contact Brandon at