AB 705 The Law and Your Rights

The Governor of California signed the bill, AB 705, on October 13, 2017, to take effect on January 1, 2018. This bill changes the way in which California Community Colleges place students into English and Math courses. This is based on statistical evidence that U.S. high school coursework, high school grades, and high school grade point average are better indicators of appropriate placement than the previously used assessment test.

Beginning November 1, 2018, students will be placed in English and Math courses based on one or more of the following:​

1.  High School GPA and course grades.

2. Guided Self-Placement (If you do not have access to your U.S. high school transcripts or studied outside the U.S.).

3. You can also speak with a Counselor to discuss any other academic experiences, work history, military training, specialized licenses, and certificates which can be used as another multiple measure assessment.

Information ​​​Videos of AB7​05 below:



It’s a NEW DAY, there’s a NEW WAY for you to graduate and transfer faster than ever before. See a counselor for more information

and visit d for a full description of the new California state law called AB 705.



Placement tests that didn’t do a very good job of

properly placing students into the math and English

classes right for them. That’s old!


Semester after semester of below-college-level

math and English courses that delayed students from

reaching their graduation and transfer goals. That’s old!


Math & English courses didn’t give students

enough time with their instructors to really help

them succeed. That’s old!



No more placement tests for math and English.

Almost all students are now placed directly into college and

transfer-level courses, making it faster to complete your

graduation and transfer goals.


More classroom support is now available for your

math and English classes. These classes offer additional

one-on-one and small group learning with faculty. These

“supplemental” courses are required for some students (based

on high school GPA) but are open to all students.


Taking Math and English right away as you enter college

for the first time or are returning back to college is key to your

success. Our aim is to support students in successfully passing

college-level math and English in their first year.