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Keynote speaker Tony Brown discusses “Immunity to Change.”

Spring 2017 Flex Days Program, Jan. 19-20
“The Merritt Campaign: Communication,
Collaboration, Collegiality”

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Charge of the Committee 

  • Plan, develop, coordinate, review and evaluate all of the professional development activities that take place at the College
  • Responsible for planning Flex Day activities for scheduled District wide days as well as campus on-going professional development activities
  • Establish priorities and procedures and make advisory recommendations in each of the following areas: collaborative/special projects, institutional subscriptions and memberships, Individual travel and conferences, tuition reimbursement, and unique staff development needs of counselors and librarians
  • Supervise the Sabbatical Leave Process for faculty: conduct workshops, evaluate and approve applications with recommendations to the College President and the Chancellor
  • Oversee the Retraining Leave Process for faculty
  • Issue twice yearly report to the College Community and the District Officer of Professional Development: on expenditures, funding priorities, procedures, deadlines, activities, schedules of meetings, attainment of goals, needs assessments, etc.