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Assessment Contacts & SLOAC Membership

Assessment Contacts:

Assessment Assistance and Questions:
Division I Susan Andrien
Ann Elliott
Division II Heather Casale
Student Services Marty Zielke
Institutional Learning Outcomes Laura Forlin
Technical Questions:
Taskstream access, website, data/reports Maril M Bull (email preferred)
Lashaune Fitch

Committee Members:

Susan Andrien, English Instructor and Division I Assessment Coordinator
Maril M Bull, Staff Assistant – Landscape Horticulture
Heather Casale, Nutrition Instructor and Division II Assessment Coordinator
Lilia Chavez,

Ann Elliott, English Instructor and Division I Assessment Coordinator
Lashaune Fitch, Curriculum Specialist
Laura Forlin, Landscape Horticulture Instructor and ILO Assessment Coordinator
Lawrence Lee, Landscape Horticulture Instructor
Arja McCray, Biology Instructor
Jennifer Shanoski, Chemistry Instructor
Marty Zielke, Counselor/Centro Latino Coordinator and Service Area Assessment Coordinator