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Assessment Contacts & SLOAC Membership

Assessment Contacts:


Division I Assessment Assistance and Questions:


Division II Assessment Assistance and Questions:


Service Area/Student Services Assessment Assistance and Questions:


Institutional Learning Outcome Assessment Assistance and Questions:


Taskstream Access/Technical Questions, Website, and Assessment Data/Reports:

  • Clifton Coleman, Curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment Specialist, (510) 434-3860, Building Q-Room 300

Don’t know who to contact or have a general question?


Committee Members:

Susan Andrien, English Instructor and Division I Assessment Coordinator
Maril M Bull, Staff Assistant – Landscape Horticulture
Heather Casale, Nutrition Instructor and Division II Assessment Coordinator
Clifton Coleman, Curriculum & SLO Assessment Specialist
Ann Elliott, English Instructor and Division I Assessment Coordinator
Laura Forlin, Landscape Horticulture Instructor
Lawrence Lee, Landscape Horticulture Instructor
Arja McCray, Biology Instructor
Jennifer Shanoski, Chemistry Instructor and ILO Assessment Coordinator
Marty Zielke, Counselor/Centro Latino Coordinator and Service Area Assessment Coordinator