There is a growing need for trained paralegals who know substantive law and administrative procedures required by the law and the court systems. The paralegal performs various legal tasks under the supervision of attorneys, including conducting legal research and drafting legal documents. Paralegals provide staff support for attorneys in a law office or in a legal setting. Many of these tasks are done by attorneys; however, under the law, they could be provided by paralegals under the supervision of an attorney.

The AA degree in Paralegal Studies will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the Major course requirements and the General Education requirements. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the major course requirements.

Degree Major/Certificate of Achievement Requirements:

Dept/No. Title Units
PARLG 1 Law and the Legal Profession 3
PARLG 6 Legal Research 3
PARLG 8 Introduction to Civil Procedure and Litigation Practice 3
PARLG 11 Advanced Legal Research and Writing 3
ENGL 1A Composition and Reading (4) 4
ENGL 100* College Composition and Reading (4)
Select a minimum of 11-12 units from the following:
PARLG 4 Law Office Management (2)
PARLG 9 Introduction to Tort Law (3)
PARLG 10 Family Law (3)
PARLG 12 Estate Planning and Probate Procedures (3)
PARLG 15 Criminal Law (3)
PARLG 16 Seminar in Paralegal Studies Internship (1)
COPED 474A Occupational Work Experience in Paralegal Studies (1-4)**
BUS 2 Introduction to Business Law (3) 11-12
Total Required Units: 27-28
*Engl 100 does not meet English composition transfer requirements; Engl 1A is required for transfer.
**A maximum of 3 units can be applied to the Certificate or AA degree.
Adjus 22, Concepts of Criminal Law (3)
Bus 1A, Financial Accounting (4)
Engl 5, Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing (3)
Phil 1, Introduction to Philosophy (3)
Posci 1, Government and Politics in the United States (3)

NOTE: Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, pursuant to California Business & Professions Code 6450 Paralegals in California are expressly prohibited from giving legal advice, or working for themselves.  Paralegals must be working directly under the direct supervision of a licensed California Attorney.