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Mission and Information



  • Fascinated by food and nutrition?
  • A person who enjoys interacting with a variety of people?
  • Considering a career in health care?
  • Planning to complete an Associate Degree?

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EXPLORE a career in this exciting and rewarding field of the future. Choose from these programs:

Dietary Manager–Three semester (minimum) Certificate of Completion
Dietetic Technology AS–Two-year (minimum) Associate of Science Degree
Dietetic Technology CERT–Certificate of Achievement for those who have already completed a degree in Nutrition or Dietetics from an accredited DPD Program

To enable you to work as you pursue continuing education, courses are scheduled after 4:00 PM for our busy, working adults. The college is centrally located in the beautiful Oakland Hills, with plenty of convenient parking or easy access from the Fruitvale Bart Station.



The MISSION of the Dietary Manager and Dietetic Technician programs is to prepare competent, entry-level professionals who meet all professional standards, display superior customer service, and work collaboratively and with empathy in diverse communities.

Goals and Objectives:

The program will:

1.  provide the guidance, skills and support necessary to complete the program in a timely manner.

Students will graduate from the program within four years of entry 80% of the time.

A survey of current DT students will show a mean of at least 4.0 on a 5.0 Leichert Scale response to questions regarding the level of guidance, support, and encouragement they have received from program faculty.

2.  prepare graduates to be readily employed in nutrition and dietetics or a related field and display skills of exemplary professionals.

At least 70% of graduates will be employed in a dietetics related field within 1 year of completing the program.

Preceptors and employers will be surveyed and asked to rate program students/employees regarding their cultural competence and ability to function as part of a diverse team. The target will be a mean of 4.0 on a Leichert Scale of 1-5 for 80% of students/graduates

Program Outcomes data are available on request


Merritt College Nutrition & Dietetic Students, Staff and Alum


Student Handbook for Supervised Practice