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Expanding Merritt S.O.U.L. Offers Menus Along with Fresh Produce
Merritt Community Asked to Send Recipes for “Merritt S.O.U.L. Cookbook”

The newly named Merritt S.O.U.L. (Sustaining Oakland Urban Lives) began in March 2017, as part of the Alameda Community Food Bank, with a small following of students and community members looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to help provide a healthy diet in their lives. One year later, nearly 3,500 community members had visited the Food Bank and the numbers keep growing as do the products. It also offers nutritional information and delicious recipes, complete with a shopping list, provided by students from Merritt’s own Nutrition and Dietetic Program (click here). Everyone is welcome at the Food Bank! (See article in The Merritt Connection here).

Coordinated by Brandon Christian of the President’s Office (pictured left), Merritt S.O.U.L. runs smoothly during its every-other-Thursday schedule with a staff of volunteers Brandon schedules to help stock, check in the visitors, and answer questions in whatever hours they have to give. He’s always looking for more volunteers to play a part in this worthy cause. If you’re interested, contact him at, (510) 436-2414.

As another way for the Merritt community to participate and create a permanent contribution, Brandon plans to  compile an ongoing, online “Merritt S.O.U.L. Cookbook” which will be “written” by anyone who would like to contribute a relatively low-cost, healthy, easy-to-make recipe using any of the produce or products most often available at the Food Bank (see list here). Everyone who contributes will receive credit next to their recipe and become a cookbook author! As soon as Brandon begins to receive recipes, the cookbook will begin on this website (and will be printable). A full-on campaign to collect cookbook recipes will begin in the fall, but Brandon will gladly accept recipes at any time. Be the first to contribute! (See guidelines for contributing recipes here.)

Keep checking this website for more news, information, and resources. If you have any questions, email Brandon Christian at