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Spring 2017 Course offerings
(updated Feb. 1, 2017)

Unfortunately, many of the spring 2017 ENVMT course offerings at Merritt College were canceled due to low enrollment. We are working on improvements to our department and encourage all to check back here for updates, and also on ENVMT’s independent website, There are two remaining ENVMT courses on the spring schedule, and these are offered at high school campuses. While these off site offerings are largely geared toward high school students, they are open to all and offer a rich, upper-division educational experience with UC/CSU-transferable and certificate-applicable college credits. We strongly encourage all who are interested in taking any class to sign up as early as possible as early enrollment numbers are what guarantees that a class reaches the minimum number for class viability.

The ENVMT Dept. operates under the umbrella of the Merritt College Landscape Horticulture Dept. The Hort dept. proudly offers a rich array of courses (none of which were canceled due to low enrollment this semester), many of which could well be of interest to ENVMT-interested students. Please check out THE HORT DEPT PAGES on this website. This spring’s offerings include LH211 Beneficial Beasts in the Garden, LH28A-D Permaculture, Native plant and tree ID courses, classes in propagation and crop production, and much more. LANHT’s summer plans include LH46 Cycles of Land Use, LH36 Natural Building, LH28 Permaculture, and LH208 Growing and Using Healthful Herbs. Keep an eye out for news on and posting of the summer and fall schedules on Passport and this website later on in March or April.

ENVMT 2 Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems (3 units) Lecture & Lab
Instructor: Cliff Cockerham Contact Enrollment code: 24976
Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:20pm & Fridays 2:15 – 5:05pm
Note: This class is offered at Leadership Public High School Recommended for high school; open to college students. Interdisciplinary study of the impact of human civilization on the earth’s major ecological systems: Issues examined in historic, contemporary, and future settings, including both Western and non-Western contexts; material presented from a theoretical point of view, with a focus on core concepts and methods related to ecology, sustainability, human population, natural resources, wastes and pollution; reflection of how human economic, political, and ethical behaviors are inextricably interwoven with the environment; and presentation of environmental career options.
ENVMT 5 Oakland Food Culture (3 units) Lecture & Lab
Instructor: Kenneth Kolevzon Contact
Enrollment code: 24948
Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:20pm & Fridays 2:15 -5:05pm
Open to high school and college students. Exploration of how culture, including one’s own, influences our relationship to gardens, food and the landscape: Investigation of the symbolic, social, and cultural role of edible gardens in diverse cultures and the recognition of how one’s own heritage can be an asset as a gardener and designer; and how culture shapes our landscapes.

Certificate Offerings (for detailed info, click HERE)

• Certificate of Proficiency in Environmental Management Fundamentals
• Certificate of Proficiency in Greening the Urban Environment
• Certificate of Proficiency in Urban Agroecology

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