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Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review Process

Starting with the comprehensive program review cycle in 2018-2019, the College shall implement a regular and systematic process of curriculum review to ensure the quality and integrity of all active courses and programs in accordance with five essential criteria established by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office:

  1. Appropriateness to Mission
  2. Need
  3. Curriculum Standards
  4. Adequate Resources
  5. Compliance

These criteria are based on “statute, regulation, intersegmental agreements, guidelines provided by transfer institutions and industry, recommendations of accrediting institutions, and the standards of good practice established in the field of curriculum design” (Program & Course Approval Handbook, 6th Edition, p. 14).

Why Is Curriculum Review Required?

Various statutes, regulations, policies, standards, and guidelines, at both the state and local levels, mandate periodic review of curriculum in the California Community Colleges. For more details, see Requirement for Periodic Curriculum Review.

Authority Requirement Period
CA EDC § 78016(a) Every vocational or occupational training program offered by a community college district shall be reviewed every two years. 2 years (CTE)
Title 5 CCR § 55003(b)(4) . . . at least once each six years all prerequisites and corequisites established by the district shall be reviewed, except that prerequisites and corequisites for vocational courses or programs shall be reviewed every two years. 6 years (non-CTE)
2 years (CTE)
ACCJC Accreditation Standard II.A.16 The institution regularly evaluates and improves the quality and currency of all instructional programs offered in the name of the institution, including collegiate, pre-collegiate, career-technical, and continuing and community education courses and programs, regardless of delivery mode or location. 6 years
UC Articulation & Transferability Policy Outlines should be current (not more than five years old). 5 years (transferable)
PCCD BP/AP 4020 The programs and curricula of the District shall be of high quality, relevant to the multicultural East Bay community and student needs, reflective of the District’s and Colleges’ Mission, Vision and Values, and evaluated regularly through Program Review and Annual Unit Plan updates to ensure quality and currency.
All programs, curriculum, and courses are reviewed on a three-year cycle through Program Review.
3 years


Curriculum Review Cycle

Based on the conditions outlined above, the Curriculum and Instructional Council has determined that:

  1. Non-CTE curriculum should be reviewed in a three-year process aligned to the comprehensive program review cycle; and
  2. CTE curriculum should be reviewed in a two-year process in conjunction with the program review/annual program update cycle.

Non-CTE Courses & Programs

CTE Courses & Programs

Curriculum Review Plan

In preparation for the implementation of structured curriculum review in the 2018-2019 academic year, departments and programs are being asked this year to submit curriculum review plans, indicating when all courses and programs shall be reviewed. One-third of non-CTE curriculum should be reviewed each year, resulting in all non-CTE courses and programs being reviewed within the three-year program review cycle. Half of CTE curriculum should be reviewed each year, resulting in all CTE courses and programs being reviewed every two years in conjunction with the program review/annual program update cycle.


All department chairs, program directors, and full-time faculty members should have access to CurricUNET META to view the active curriculum inventory. If you don’t have access, contact LaShaune Fitch, Curriculum Specialist, at

  • List all active courses, certificates, and degrees.
  • Indicate which year each course, certificate, or degree shall be reviewed (including deactivations and reactivations).
  • Add more rows to each table as needed.


Course Number Course Name 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Art 1 Introduction to Art History X
Art 4 History of Modern Art Deactivate
Art 7 History of African-American Art Reactivate
Program Type Program Name 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Certificate of Proficiency Art Foundation X


Next Steps

The Curriculum and Instructional Council shall conduct training sessions on the requirements for curriculum review in the 2018-2019 program reviews early in the Fall 2018 semester. Detailed instructions, checklists, and templates will be provided to guide department chairs and program directors in initiating curriculum review.