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Degrees & Certificates

Certificate of Proficiency

The Medical Assisting Program was updated and revised in the fall of 2011 and 2013 to expand the program and include optional training in “front office” responsibilities. Currently the program offers a Certificate of Proficiency. The Certificate of Proficiency as a Clinical Medical Assistant will be offered upon successful completion of MEDAS 201A, MEDAS 201B, COUN 207C and COPED 470F. In the 2013/2014 Academic Year we are proposing to offer Certificates of Proficiency for both Clinical and Administrative MA’s with optional pathway for earning an Associate Degree as a Medical Assistant which can articulate to Cal State Universities.  Our graduates are also qualified for optional certification offered by the California Board of Medical Assistants.

Students complete the admission process by 1) submitting an application, 2) scoring 18 or higher on math and English COMPASS assessment, and 3) interviewing with the Admissions Committee. See Additional Admission Requirements in Handbook and Syllabus.

The Courses Listed Must be Satisfactorily Completed per Syllabus and Handbook Criteria to attain the Certificate of Proficiency for Clinical Medical Assisting.

Certificate of Proficiency Requirements:

Dept/No. Title Units
MEDAS 201A Introduction to Medical Assisting 5
MEDAS 201B Medical Assisting: Clinical Application 7
COPED 470F Occupational Work Experience in Medical Assisting 2
COUN 207C Career Exploration 1
Total Required Units: 15