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Course Number: MEDAS 201A
Introduction to Medical Assisting
Units: 5
Class: 5 hours lecture (GR)
Pre-requisite: High School graduate or GRE
Recommended preparation: Hltoc 201, ENGL 201B or 1A, and Math 250
Description: Introduction to theory and foundational skills in medical assisting: Role of the medical assistant, medical terminology, safety, anatomy and physiology, screening, medical office emergencies, and patient education and communication.  1208.10


Course Number: MEDAS 201B
Medical Assisting: Clinical Application
Units: 7
Class: 4 hours lecture, 9 hours laboratory (GR)
Pre-requisite: Health clearances: Physical examination, negative TB test results, and recent immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus, rubeola, rubella, mumps, and chicken pox; and pass a criminal background check and drug testing for clinical placement if required by clinical agencies; and CPR/BLS or Hlted 11
Pre-requisite or co-requisite: MEDAS 201A
Recommended preparation: Hltoc 201, ENGL 201B or 1A, and Math 250
Description:Continuation of MEDAS 201A designed to provide preparation for entry-level positions in medical assisting: Theory and laboratory instruction in assisting the physician/practitioner in exam-room procedures, laboratory procedures, pharmacology, providing medications, minor office surgery, and nutrition.  1208.10


Course Number: MEDAS 201C
Medical Assisting: Office Administration
Units: 5
Class: 5 hours lecture (GR)
Pre-requisite: MEDAS 201A
Prerequisite or co-requisite: MEDAS 201B
Recommended preparation: Hltoc 201, ENGL 201B or 1A, and Math 250
Description:Introduction to medical office administration: Medical office reception, finances, medical infomatics, insurance billing, and office management.  1208.10


Course Number: MEDAS 202
Review for Certification for Medical Assistants
Units: 4
Class: 4 hours lecture (P/NP)
Description:Review of the content necessary for certification as a clinical and/or administrative medical assistant in California.  1208.10


Course Number: MEDAS 248NA-TZ
Selected Topics in Medical Assisting
Units: .5-9
Class: 0-9 hours lecture, 0-27 hours laboratory (GR or P/NP)
Description: See section on Selected Topics.  1208.10

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