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Merritt College Summer fall 2018 Schedule…………………………

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For the most up-to date electronic Summer/Fall class schedule with open classes, click HERE; and for the printed Summer/Fall 2018 Class Schedule, click HERE.

(If you are interested in taking Landscape Horticulture (LANHT)  classes, the printed schedule is unfortunately incorrect. The correct LandHort Summer schedule is HERE, and the correct LANHT Fall schedule is HERE, and you can find these classes on the electronic schedule as well. For questions about the new Urban Arboriculture program, call (510) 436-2418)

Click HERE to find specific Priority Enrollment dates – (Continuing Student Enrollment is April 12-26) and Open Enrollment for all starts April 30.

Click HERE for the 2017-2019 Catalog. Click HERE for the Catalog Supplement (updates).


Summer Semester: Most classes start June 18–Merritt Biology and Bioscience classes start as early as June 4. (See Academic Calendar HERE)

FALL 2018
Fall Semester: Most classes start Aug. 20  (See Academic Calendar HERE)

Class Schedule HERE
2018 Spring Academic Calendar HERE




Weekend  •  Hybrid   Online  •  Afternoon 

Now you can plan your schedule to fit into your busy lifestyle of jobs and family. Click HERE or on the link below to find the major you are interested in, and you’ll find the academic pathway and all the required classes offered in Fall 2018 for weekend, hybrid, online, and afternoon classes that can lead to a degree, certificate, or transfer program.

Merritt College Fall 2018 Majors (Academic Pathways)