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Tony Hampton Honored as Outstanding Employee; See Video and Colleagues’ Praises

17 May 2017

As part of the Peralta Community College District’s video series on outstanding employees, our own Tony Hampton was interviewed by Chancellor Jowel Laguerre about his stellar work as Network Support Service Specialist at Merritt (click on photo). Tasked with supporting the growing number of Smart Classrooms, he works behind the scenes to make sure technology works to support learning at Merritt College. Dr. Laguerre talked to Tony in the high-tech Barbara Lee Science and Allied Health Center where the largest number of Smart Classrooms are housed.


As soon as the video was made public, the Merritt community chimed in with their own praise. Here are some samples…


• Tony, this is a well-deserved honor. Merritt College appreciates all you do for us! –Dr. Marie-Elaine Burns


• Sweet!  I think Tony deserves a big raise! – Jennifer Yates

• Tony is GOOD PEOPLE, and an excellent friend. He has been there for me, through thick and thin, both here at work and away from work. I thank you Tony for being with me at my finest, and worst in my life.Tony helped me get through a very difficult time two years ago, and for that, I am eternally grateful!  –Lee Peevy


Yes, definitely GOOD PEOPLE! Thanks for everything you do Tony! — Jason Holloway

• This is well deserved recognition for someone who works to hard and has an invariably positive attitude. Tony, you’re the best!  — Ann Elliott


• Yeah Tony!  Making the Merritt world go ’round! 🙂 — Rachel Maier

• Tony Hampton is awesome!  Thank you, Tony, for everything you do to make the Nursing Dept and Merritt College technologically sound! — Megan Sary Talbot

• Well deserved! Thank you Tony for all you do! — Inga Marciulionis


• Yes, yes, yes! Much well-deserved kudos to our wonderful Tony who does so much for our college each and every day!  — Mario Rivas


• Tony has always I appreciate everything you do for Division I and for Merritt. You always go the extra mile,  keeping us up and running across this busy campus. Congratulations on the acknowledgement!! — Denise Woodward


• Indeed! – on behalf of Landscape Horticulture, I attest that Tony is a gem. Tony has a LOT on his plate, especially these days, but he’s nevertheless been continually and immediately responsive in doing all he can to solve the mysterious and lengthy internet/phone connection outages impacting the entire LANHT facility these last few weeks. Amazing perseverance in this perplexing situation, even maintaining a pleasant demeanor throughout. How does he do it? Thank you, Tony! — Maril Bull


• Tony has been a solid rock to me and our students since he arrived. I appreciate everything you have done for all of us. 🙂 –Barbara Dimopoulos

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Business and Econ Majors: Take Two Courses This Summer Starting 5/30

16 May 2017

If you are a Business or Economics major and looking to fulfill two required classes (or if you interested in Business classes in general), this summer you will have the chance to take two classes in just six weeks. The Business Department is offering online classes BUS 1-Financial Accounting and BUS 1B-Managerial Accounting back-to-back from May 30 to July 6 and from July 10-August 16. See the flyer for details and contact the instructor, Dr. Shahbazi, for more information or questions, at

Apply and/or enroll now at!

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Summer and Fall 2017 Schedules are Here; Apply and Enroll Now! Summer starts 6/19, Fall starts 8/21

15 May 2017

The waiting is over! The Summer and Fall 2017 class schedules are now here. Click on the link below or on each image to open the convenient flip-through version of each schedule to find your classes or go to your Student Passport for the most up-to-date listings and also to enroll for classes.


Summer 2017 Class Schedule
Fall 2017 Class Schedule
Click here to find most up-to-date information in class schedules.

Student PASSPORT (to enroll in classes and other information)

Summer 2017 Academic Calendar and Priority Enrollment Dates
Fall 2017 Academic Calendar and Priority Enrollment Dates



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Cybersecurity Students Shine in Video and in National Competition

8 May 2017

Congratulations to Merritt College’s Cybersecurity students who have been making a name for themselves with their newly learned skills in this high-demand field. See the video here or click on the image to hear students talking about their experience in the program and read below about their success in the NCL competition.

Most recently two teams from Merritt entered the NCL (National Cyber League) Competition, designed to enrich the classroom learning experience. Competing with community colleges and four-year universities from around the country, both Merritt’s “Team Unicorn” and “Team B” came home with impressive fourth place wins,beating out four-year universities such as Penn State and CSU East Bay.


Student Christina Hansen is proud to be captain of the first-ever, all-women Team Unicorn. “We had a great time competing, and we came in 4th place in the Bronze Bracket,” she said. ‘The competitions are a great opportunity to work on our hacking skills in a competitive environment.”

Nic Burton of “Team B” in the Silver Bracket, says, “I’m just happy to have placed ahead of CSU East Bay’s teams and all but one of Cal State Chico’s teams!”


The roster of the team members is below.


For more information about the Cybersecurity Program, contact Program Coordinator Anita Black at Classes start in Summer and Fall 2017. Enroll now!


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Honor Graduates and Award Recipients at Celebrations on Campus and in the Community

7 May 2017

It’s that time of year when we show our support and congratulate the graduates by attending celebrations from many areas of Merritt. From the ASMC Student Scholarship Awards Ceremony on May 12 to the 9th Annual African-American Student Graduation on May 20, and to the congratulatory events for future nurses, firefighters, radiologists, teachers, and others heading to their new careers or four-year institutions, join us in honoring their accomplishments. See schedule below.

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See Video of Successful Spring 2017 Bridges to Healthcare Program

28 April 2017

Learn about the Bridge to Healthcare Careers program in this short video, which is narrated by Robbie Kunkel and features students participating in the program. The students address some of the ways that work-based learning has contributed to their success in the program and what they’ve learned. Dr. Ruhina Najem, Allied Health faculty at Merritt College, explains some of the changes she has witnessed in the students as a result of their participation in the Bridge to Healthcare Careers program. The students display increased self-empowerment and self-determination as well as increased understanding of self and others, each of which translate into better decision-making, communication, and critical thinking. The program is a collaboration between Merritt College, the Bay Area Workforce Collective, the Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership, and Unity Council and is funded through the San Francisco Foundation.


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See the Work of Our Talented Students at Merritt’s “Show of Art” Opening Through May 17

15 April 2017

Get ready for the 18th Annual “Show of Merritt” held each year to celebrate the works of Merritt’s art students. The show begins on April 17 and runs through May 17, in S-352, with gallery hours Mon.-Wed, 11 a.m-1 p.m. The exhibition showcases more than 150 student artworks from all of the studio art classes offered through Merritt’s Art Department, including botanical, ceramic, painting, pastel, and watercolor. For additional viewing, contact Sheila Metcalf-Tobin, at The opening reception will be April 21, from 5-7 pm. Enjoy paintings, drawings, watercolor, pastels, figure and anatomy drawings, ceramics, and botanical illustrations. All are welcome! (Poster designed by art student Joey Justiss.)

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Faculty, Staff, Students: Calling On Volunteers to Help at Commencement 2017 and Join the Celebration!

12 April 2017

Representing the Commencement Comittee,  Kathleen Olbekson would like everyone to know that  the time is drawing near and they are looking for volunteers to “help guests to their seats, answer questions, entertain and inform, and maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for the family and friends of our graduates.”  Anyone interested in participating should come to the volunteer meeting on Tuesday April 18, 2017 at 1:30 pm. in R-127. Please feel free to contact Herbert Kitchen, Margie Rubio, or Kathleen (Ext 2470, for any further questions.



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New and Improved CalWORKs Office Brightens Spring Semester

8 April 2017

Student Nicole King sits at the new CalWORKs reception desk across from a row of neatly lined-up cherry-red chairs. Across the way are strategically placed black and beige office cubicles, including an area where computers are conveniently placed for students to use as needed. The new and improved CalWORKs office is open for business, and Nicole is excited about it. “Students really like the new space,” she says. “It’s really nice and professional looking and there’s more privacy.”

CalWORKs is the county-funded program that gives residents who receive cash aid the opportunity to become self-sufficient by learning job skills to enter the workplace or go on to further their education. Part of the process is to encourage a positive environment where students feel good about their future.

That is what Dr. Lilia Chavez had in mind when she evaluated the area soon after being named Merritt’s Dean of Special Programs and Grants nearly a year ago.

“I had a vision for the flow of the space, but I wanted to be sure to get ideas from others as well,” she said. “So first we observed and interviewed the staff to see what they would like to change, and then we surveyed the students to see what they thought was working and what was not. We also met with our partners at the Department of Social Services.”


As Dr. Chavez recalls, “We wanted a space that would start with a reception area to make appointments, improve the customer service flow, and document our accountability. Then we created a new system of roles and responsibilities, and we had a series of partitions set up a to create privacy and confidentiality. And we made sure no one’s back was facing the door when students came in!”


She is pleased with the result of a well-run office with dedicated employees, re-purposed furniture, and a streamlined system that runs efficiently for both staff and students.

Says Carmen Johnson, Interim CalWORKs Coordinator and graduate of both Merritt and Mills College. “It’s a more professional atmosphere to mirror a real work environment, and it relieves some of the anxiety students may be feeling. It’s all about growth and development and changing people’s lives. Now they’ll have a degree that will put them in the playing field.”


Nicole, who helps students from her role at the receptionist desk, is a budding success story herself. With some background in the health field, she began studying Medical Assisting and then moved on to Business. At age 46, she will be graduating with both degrees in the fall after spending two years doing homework alongside her proud 10-year-old daughter. Nicole is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society (as are six other CalWORKs students).


“The CalWORKs office has been a very comfortable place for me to grow,” says Nicole, who has received several scholarships and letters of recommendation. “The best advice I got was to keep up with my attendance and GPA, always sit in the front of the class, and to keep on doing what I’m doing and don’t let anything get in my way!” Pictured (left to right): Sheiba Boissiere, LaVora Mathis-Payne, Nicole King, Dr. Lilia Chavez, Soledad Martinez, Marisol Roque, and Carmen Johnson

­Susan May


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Check It Out: See What’s Going on at the Merritt Library!

4 April 2017

Please find attached the latest issue of the Library’s Check It Out! Newsletter. Read about library assessment improvements, new information resources, and the importance of information literacy in an era of “alternative facts.” There’s no excuse to not check it out with Spring Break coming next week!

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