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Enroll NOW in “Sustainable Environmental Systems” (ENVMT 2)

16 January 2018

Join David Ralston, Merritt instructor and local and regional community environmental planner, as he welcomes you to learn first-hand how a sustainable systems approach can transform our urban environment. This class, designed for students of all disciplines, introduces you to the East Oakland phase of reclaiming the 21.7-mile San Leandro Creek as a community jewel of needed access to nature pathways, parks and cultural expression (find out more at


Along the way you’ll learn core concepts of sustainability, ecology, population, natural resources, waste and pollution, and you’ll reflect on how much human behavior is inter-connected with the environmental systems in which we live. (Meets GE Social Science requirements.
Enroll NOW at  – space is limited! For questions, contact the instructor at

(Click on flyer below to enlarge)

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Come to Super Saturdays 1/20 or 1/27 to Apply and Enroll on the Spot!

12 January 2018

Now students have a chance to apply, enroll, and go through all the steps to starting classes in just one day! On Saturdays, January 20 and 27, all four Peralta colleges will offer Super Saturdays–the chance to go to the campus of your choice and complete the entire process up to registering for your classes. Located n Building R at Merritt, you can go through admissions, orientation, assessment, and counseling requirements and even apply for financial aid. (If you are a continuing student you can simply register for your Spring classes.) You’ll be all ready to start classes on January 22 or shortly thereafter. (Or you can apply and/or enroll now by clicking HERE. )


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Apply and Enroll for Spring Classes Now! Classes Start January 22

11 January 2018

        • Enrollment is open for the Spring Semester for new, returning, and continuing students. Apply and enroll now! Spring classes start on January 22. To find links to the class schedule, to apply and enroll, to see important dates in the academic calendar, and to find the new Merritt College catalog, click on the links below.

Apply & Enroll for Classes HERE

2018 Spring Class Schedule HERE and the updated open classes HERE

2018 Spring Academic Calendar HERE (Classes start January 22, 2018)

NEW! 2017-2019 Merritt College Catalog HERE



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Homecoming 2018: Double Header Basketball Games 1/24 and Dance 1/26

10 January 2018

Don’t miss the First Annual Homecoming events this month! Your Thunderbirds will play a doubleheader on Wednesday, January 24, with the Men’s Basketball Team at 5:30 and Women’s at 7:30 in the Gym against Napa Valley College.  Wear your Merritt shirts to cheer them on! Admission is $5 with ID for students and employees. Then on Friday, January 26, come to the Homecoming Dance from 6-11 p.m. in the  Student Lounge. Admission is free for students, faculty, and staff with ID. Music, food, and fun! For more information, call (510) 436-2671.

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Learn About Natural History and How to Sustain the Environment

9 January 2018

Start the Spring semester learning about sustainable solutions to the country’s environmental issues in “Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems” (ENVMT 2 and 2L, Courses #22665 and #28478, starts 1/22, Instructor: David Ralston, and then take one or more of Merritt’s late-start Natural History classes to see nature’s beauty firsthand.


See the main flyer below to learn more about:


“The Natural History of the Carrizo Plain” (BIOL 62N, starts 3/1, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE );


“The Natural History of the Islands of California” (BIOL 62S, starts 3/13, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE


“Waterbirds of Central California” (BIOL48, starts 3/14, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE


To apply and/or enroll, follow the easy steps HERE. For questions, contact the instructors at their emails above.



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Explore Genomic Data in this Fascinating New Bioscience Class (42)

8 January 2018

If you are interested in Genomics, take this class in Mining GenBank (BIOSC 42) and learn to access and submit DNA sequences as well as compare DNA of various species. The GenBank, maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Institute Health (NIH), contains genetic information for over 100,000 organisms and is fully accessible to the general public.

The course is an excellent, fun introduction to bioinformatics and is transferable to both UCs and CSUs. The course is taught by Dustin DeMeo, who is working at Stanford on Medical Genomics at Stanford University,the newest and most promising approach to health care in the 21st century.He is known for his enthusiastic interactive teaching and emphasis on student success.

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If Jedi Can Train on Islands, You Can Too! Explore the Islands of California in BIOL 62S

5 January 2018

Have you ever been to any islands in California–or even know about them? Now, starting March 13, you can not only learn about the geology, ecology, and history of the many islands in our state but also go on field trips to explore them in this new class, “The Natural History of the Islands of California,” BIOL 62S, course #28358.  The class was created and is being taught Dr. Brad Balukjian,  who earned his Ph.D. in island biogeography and has conducted research on islands all over the world. The 2-unit class starts March 13. For more information, contact Dr. Balukjian at (This Spring Dr. Balukjian also will be teaching the 4-unit class, “Biology of the Living World,” BIOL 29, #24483.)

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Want to Help Your Peers Succeed and Get Paid For It? Take Intro to Tutoring

1 January 2018

Do you like helping peers improve their learning? Students now have the opportunity to take Introduction to Tutoring (LRNE 30/1.0 unit/Code 29007) to develop effective tutoring strategies. Although this is a required online course for those interested in applying for a tutoring position in the Learning Center, you do not need to be an employed tutor to enroll in this class. This course is CSU transferrable. Questions? Contact Professor Karen Seneferu (

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Take General Biology to the Next Level in BIOL 1B for Majors, Mon. & Wed.

22 December 2017

Have you already taken BIOL 1A? Then come and explore topics on ecology, origins of  life, evolution, plant diversity and structure, and much more in BIOL 1B. The class, transferable to UCs and CSUs, will include visits to environmental agencies, botanical gardens, aquariums, and unique ecosystems. See flyer below for more details. For questions, contact instructor Maria Suarez, Ph.D. at

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Add To Your New Year’s Resolutions: Lose Weight and Gain Energy!

18 December 2017

Make this the year your New Year’s resolution to lose weight comes true! Join a group of colleagues and community members who are working toward the same goal. The Nutrition & Dietetics program is  once again offering NUTR 25, Weight Management Principles and Practice, to help you learn to manage your weight in a creative way. The class starts on January 22. Anyone can sign up – faculty, staff, students, community members. You will have fun engaging in physical activity during each session and learning about healthy ways to control your weight. There are no exams! This class is free for faculty and staff if they fill out the fee waiver form HERE.  To enroll, go to






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