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Listen and Learn the Unique Sounds of Birds While Earning Biology Units (BIOL 80B), Starts 3/22

25 February 2017

Join classmates in searching for the elusive Hermit Warbler (pictured in flyer) and many other birds in this fascinating biology class “Bird Songing: The Ecology of Bird Songs/Identification by Ear” (BIOL 80B #24241, Sec. 1-LEC). This 2-unit class includes two lecture/slide shows and six field trips to discover birds and their beautiful sounds. The class is taught by Daniel Edelstein, who has identified hundreds of bird species by their calls for more than 20 years while teaching birding to professional naturalists/biologists and adults students. Enroll now! Class starts March 22. For questions, feel free to contact the instructor at or go to his website at


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Don’t Miss the Chance to Apply for an ASMC Scholarship, Deadline is April 3

20 February 2017

The Student Activities and Campus Life Office invites and encourages you to apply for any of the eight ASMC’s annual student scholarships. The deadline to apply is Monday, April 3, by 4:30 p.m.  The scholarships are for $200 each. A scholarship ceremony to celebrate the award winners will  take place on Friday, May 12, in the Newton/Seale Lounge at 5:30pm.


The ASMC applications are HERE. Deadline is Monday, April 3. 


For questions, please visit the Welcome Center in R-105 or contact Dr. Herbert Kitchen, Interim Dir. of Student Activities and Campus Life at 434-3982 or via email at


The Peralta Foundation scholarship information is HERE. Deadline is Tuesday, February 28. 


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Doris Hankins Brings Her Own Experience to Help Others at the New Career Institute & Job Center

19 February 2017

It’s easy for Doris Hankins to remember when she was earning her associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees: she was pregnant during each one.It was a struggle, but she persevered and succeeded because getting an education was so important to her. She attended multiple community colleges, held a variety of jobs in numerous fields, and raised a family along the way.


She knew she had found her calling when selected to be the Employment Services Manager for Merritt’s new Career Institute and Job Center as it would allow her to help current and/or re-entry students and displaced workers by finding externships and internships for them that could lead to potential employment. Her goal is to begin working with industry partners to create Work-Based Learning opportunities at the college, set up informational interviews and job-shadowing, discover new opportunities to connect students and community members, and build out various advisory committees to support our industry partners.


“In my new role, I’ll be meeting with students and community members from all walks of life to find out how I can help fulfill their employment needs. I will be matching up students with our industry partners who can provide opportunities for experience in the field, and I’ll be recommending career and skill-building workshops to help in the process,” says Doris. “I went through all those same questions of what to do with my life, and I hope to share my experiences and be an inspiration.”


Doris took a circuitous path to get to Merritt, but when she got there, she never left. A resident of Vallejo, she committed to finishing school, and found the most support at Merritt where she would eventually earn two associate degrees before continuing her education at various online universities that made it possible for her to study at home.


Merritt was also where she would find a long-term career. She applied for an hourly classified job in Merritt’s Career Center (previously located in the Q Building) and was first hired to work as a Senior Clerical Assistant in the office of former President Dr. Evelyn Wesley. In that office, Doris was allowed to adjust her schedule to meet her educational goals, a kindness she never forgot. She then went on to become the permanent Senior Clerical Assistant to the President. Five years later, she was hired as the Staff Assistant in the Office of the Vice President of Instruction up until now. During that time, she was inspired to become more involved in leadership roles and developed an understanding of the college processes after going through the Chancellor’s Leadership Program.


“While I was working and simultaneously getting my master’s in business and communication, I started joining different committees because I wanted to support the students rather than just sitting on the sidelines,” says Doris. “I wanted to speak up for those who couldn’t and be part of the institution’s success. I never wanted to forget where I came from and to always remember what it’s like to be on the other side of the counter.”


Today, Doris is pleased with her accomplishments and what she has been through. She wishes to make her whole family proud but most importantly her parents. Her father came close to finishing college but stopped to raise his own family. Her mother taught her the value of hard work and to never give up, regardless of the obstacles.

“I was completing my last semester and thinking ‘thank god, I don’t have to do this while I’m pregnant.” I had a plan but then thought, ‘how is this going to work out?’” Doris was lucky to have a supportive husband, Welique, and children (Laci, 16 and Malique, 14) behind her (now joined by Lyric, 2-1/2), and, as always, has made it work.


“I wouldn’t trade my family for anything,” says Doris. “But I’m happy to be in a place where I can also help others. I truly believe in Merritt’s slogan,’We Change Lives.’ So I’m looking forward to helping students reach their goals by nurturing their progress just like a flower—giving them enough water and the right light and then watching them blossom. It’s a beautiful thing.”

     —Susan May


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Peralta Students Offered Chance for Two-Week China Study Trip in Aug.; Deadline to Apply Extended to 2/24

19 February 2017

For the second year in a row, Congresswoman Barbara Lee is co-sponsoring six  students from Merritt to go to China this August. The student cost is only $250 plus the cost of a passport for two weeks. While the goal of this initiative is to increase the number of African American students that are interested in China and this abroad experience, all students are eligible to participate. Click on the attachments to get all of the information and the application to fill out.


Info/Application Packag


Student Application







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Still Need Some Units for Spring? Check Out the List of More Than 50 Late-Start Classes to Enroll in Now!

18 February 2017

Whether you are still missing some credits for Spring to work toward your degree, want to get a head-start for next semester, or just want to take a class for personal interest, there are more than 50 Late-Start classes to choose from in a wide variety of subjects. Starting dates range from February to May 2017. Check the attached list and find one or more classes that fit your needs!  To enroll, go to

Merritt College


Spring 2017

2/6/17LRNRE261Engl for Life & Career Success24197Griffin,N
2/6/17ENGL201APREP FOR COMP/READNG20472Andrien,S
2/7/17COUN203Disability and Academic Succes24035Moy,F
2/7/17FISCI205FIRE PRTEC EQUIP/SYS24685Covington,D
2/8/17LIS85INTRO INFO RESOURCES24723Williams,A
2/11/17NUTR1SURVEY/NUTR & DIET20309Casale,H
2/11/17CIS205COMPUTER LITERACY24257Weston,J
2/13/17BUS1BMANAGERIAL ACCTG25384Shahbazi,S
2/13/17BUS51ELEMENTS/SUPERVISION25400Gordon Brown,K
2/13/17ENGL201APREP FOR COMP/READNG25205Drinnon,J
2/13/17ENGL1ACOMP AND READING25230Nichols,A
2/13/17LIS85INTRO INFO RESOURCES20476Roberts,L
2/25/17HLTED11CPR25417Not Assig
2/27/17CIS205COMPUTER LITERACY20480Weston,D
3/3/17ADJUS116Security Guard20451White,L
3/10/17COUN207CCAREER EXPLORATION20478Oseguera,A
3/18/17RLEST9RE ECONOMICS20412Forkner,M
3/20/17HIST7AHIST/U.S. TO 187724357Rodriguez,S
3/20/17POSCI1GOVT/POLITICS IN US24358Toussant-Jackson,A
3/20/17SOC1INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY24360Bauermeister,M
3/21/17COMM20INTERPERS.COMM SKLS25415Mohammed,H
3/22/17BIOL80BBIRD SONGING24241Edelstein,D
3/24/17CIS72Systems and Network Admin24913Rogers,C
3/24/17CIS54IT Security Goals, Strategy24918Egan,M
3/24/17CIS60Computer Forensics Fundamental24911Zaugg,B
3/29/17ENGL5CRITICAL THINKING20182Goldweber,D
4/1/17HLTED11CPR25418Not Assig

Spring 2017 Late Start Classes pdf.

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Kids College is Back: Campers Get Taste of Merritt Programs Through Educational Hands-On Activities

7 February 2017

 As the summer approaches and you see middle school-size kids in labs gardens, and classrooms, don’t be worried – it’s just another year of the exciting Kids College. For the 7th year, Merritt is bringing back this fun and educational program that combines experiencing fun summertime activities in the Oakland Hills with exploring college and careers on a real campus. The camp will be held Mondays-Fridays, June 12 to June 23, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., for only $200.


It’s never too early for 6th to 9th graders to think about their future and learn about the steps to college while they are actually experiencing what lies ahead for them—but in a fun way. Thanks to the generous participating faculty and staff, the camp’s popularity has grown each year as new hands-on experiences have been offered.


Campers will get their hands dirty learning gardening techniques (Landscape Horticulture), discovering CSI secrets while peering through microscopes (Microscopy), contemplating a career in law enforcement (Administration of Justice), studying computers (CIS), finding out the healthiest foods to eat (Nutrition); and learning about entering the medical field (Nursing). This year they will also participate in a Math Jam and learn to make ceramics, along with playing sports to release some of that young energy!


“It’s a great opportunity for the campers to try out different activities that may give them ideas about future careers just as they are beginning to think about college,” says Dean Siri Brown, whose Division is coordinating the camp. “We’re lucky at Merritt to have such great programs for the students to participate in and instructorswho are willing to give their time.”


For more information and to download a Registration Packet, go to, or contact Camp Coordinator Ne’Shawn Dixon at (510) 434-3939 or at

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Bob Moses, a Civil Rights Leader in the ’60s, to Speak on Feb. 28 as Part of The Barbara Lee & Elihu Harris Lecture Series; RSVP Required

6 February 2017

Bob Moses, whose civil rights work in the 1960s culminated in the national response to protect the fundamental right to vote, will speak on Saturday, Feb 25, at 7 p.m., as part of The Barbara Lee & Elihu Harris Lecture Series to be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Oakland, 2619 Broadway. Moses, who is president and founder of The Algebra Project, will speak on “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community.” Moses is also the  Director of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee’s Mississippi Voter Registration Project, 1961-1964, and a Mississippi  “Freedom”  Summer lead organizer.


To attend the free event, please call to RSVP at (510) 434-3988. The is sponsored by Merritt College and the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center.

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Career Institute and Job Center Celebrates Its Grand Opening: Come and Meet the Staff

6 February 2017

With a snip of the scissors by Interim President Marie-Elaine Burns, the long-awaited Career Institute and Job Center officially opened to a crowd of well-wishers and a promise of training and employment assistance to students and community members seeking help. Faculty, staff, students, community members, and special guests flowed into the newly renovated space filled with computers, phones, and other tools offering opportunities for success. Photos of career programs at Merritt rotated across two screens.


“Thank you for celebrating with us,” said Dean Robbie Kunkel, who coordinated and oversees the Center. “It’s because of the many streams of funding that we are able to open this center to serve community members at whatever point they are in their lives. We are here to serve a variety of populations who may need individual support in creating new directions, and we look forward to being part of the journey to sustainable employment and successful careers.”


Dr. Jeff Lamb, Vice President of Instruction, spoke of the center’s ability to “create connections between students and industry partners, as well as offer a broadened scope of training, spanning the range from academic and career-technical education to career-readiness and career-development.


Special guests and speakers included Dr. Yashica Crawford, District Chief of Staff, as well as representatives from the Salvation Army, Employment Development Department, and Oakland Workforce Development Board, one of the center’s partners. The newly formed Career Institute staff (pictured) introduced themselves and spoke enthusiastically of the contributions they would be ma
king to the Center.


The Career Institute was dedicated to former President Barack Obama, whose Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act (WIOA), which provided federal funds to the Center, made it possible.

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Get Prepared for an In-Demand Career; Enroll in Intro to IT Project Management (CSI 51); This Online Course starts Feb. 13

4 February 2017

Do you want to prepare for a career where the median pay is $67, 280 a year? IT Project Coordinators and related positions are in demand! Now you can enroll in Intro to IT Project Management (CSI 51) and start your path to a new lucrative career. This class is online for your convenience so you can learn from home. Class starts on February 13. You can enroll at For more information or questions, contact Anita Black at



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If You Missed the Great Dance Workshop for Black History Month, Check Out Some of the Action Here!

3 February 2017

(VIDEO) From West African dancing to the Lindy Hop to the Robot, multi-talented professional dancer Traci Bartlow not only educated and entertained the crowd with the history of dance through the decades but had them all participating (including our president) throughout the nearly two-hour dance workshop she presented as part of Black History Month. Thanks to Jason Seals for including it in such an interesting monthlong line-up of activities. See full schedule here and below.


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