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Student Spirit Shines Brightly at Merritt!

16 October 2014


Merritt spirit recently shined through when the ASMC  sponsored  “Student Appreciation and Unity Day.” On a beautiful sunny day on campus, the event brought out a great showing of student clubs along with enthusiastic participants including fellow students, staff, and faculty! ASMC clubs are accepting new members –and ideas for new clubs — so don’t be shy Merritt students, join a club today!

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Transfer Day a Big Success!

14 October 2014

Transfer Day 2014  on October 13 brought lots of students to connect with lots of representatives from four-year colleges and universities in the Student Lounge. Thanks to counselor Tanya Ilarde for pulling it all together and making it a big success! Also be sure to follow the Transfer Center’s new Instagram site  launched during the event: @transfermerritt.


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LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram!!

13 October 2014



The secret is out! Merritt is on Facebook – and we’d like to invite you to LIKE us – at During the past few months,  a small team of staff and students, under the direction of Dean Lasana Hotep, has been quietly building an official Merritt College Facebook page which is literally called Merritt College Official. It is quickly becoming THE place to go to find out about upcoming events and news items, see photos of Merritt students and employees, view videos of speakers, and just in general to be informed. Please LIKE us and be part of our fan base as we continue to grow and reach more people who are finding out how great Merritt College is! (Also please follow us on Instagram – merrittcollegeofficial). Thank you! (Pictured: Kristie Briseno, one of the Merritt students featured on our Facebook cover. )view shot

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Merritt’s Student Health Services are Expanded

12 October 2014

 Health Services photo 10-12-14

Expanded health services at Merritt will now provide students with free services five days a week, including some evening hours. Effective immediately there will be medical services offered by a nurse or family nurse practitioner, mental health services provided by a licensed psychologist, and full services at the Peralta Wellness Center located at Laney College. For a detailed schedule of services and provider information, please click here.


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If You Missed Kevin Powell’s Presentation, See the Videos of His Talk and Q&A

4 October 2014

Kevin and students
Whether you missed Kevin Powell’s inspirational talk about “Educating the Hip-Hop Generation” on September 23, or you want to see it again, attached is the two-part video, which is on YouTube as part of the Peralta District’s P-Span Series.  The first part is the main presentation and the second is the Question & Answer session.


(Photo credit: Barbara Dimopoulos)


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Celebrating Latino Heritage Month in Style at Merritt!

1 October 2014

IMG_5013Latina dancer 2

An afternoon of music, food, speakers, and dancing — both professional and the dancing in-the-aisles kind —  brought much praise for the Latino Heritage Celebration on October 7 planned by Dr. Lilia Chavez, ASMC members,  staff and volunteers. Here are just some of the comments from the Merritt community who hope to see more events like this in the future.

“All your work, and the work of all who helped you produced a beautiful day of activities.  Today students were still talking about the food, and how much they enjoyed dancing to the music. What a blessing to have your artistic talent among us to bring joy, healing and unity.”
–Marta Zielke

“I appreciated all the hard work and the dedication demonstrated by the organizers. My students, who were able to go, found it to be very uplifting. Thank you Dr Chavez and everyone else involved. I hope we can see more of these type of events here at Merritt that celebrate the wonderful diversity we have at this college. ” --Jennifer Briffa

“Yesterday’s event was incredibly uplifting. From indigenous dancing to AB540 student testimonial, community activist, exhilirating mariachi, what an amazing day to celebrate and honor cultura. Thank you to all the organizers, Dr. Chavez, Rosa Perez and everyone else who helped or supported by attending.” –Isela Santana


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New Priority Registration Campaign from California Community Colleges

8 September 2014



The California Community Colleges system has launched its new Step:Forward website to help students learn how they can get priority registration status. Along with the informational website, there are cool videos that show enthusiastic students talking about priority registration, orientation, assessment, and education planning. The videos can all be seen here. 

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Students Become Video Stars for the Day!

7 September 2014


September 4 was an exciting, star-studded day at Merritt campus as a 10-member video crew taped more than 30 students in multiple locations around campus (click here for more photos). Though you won’t see the video on MTV,  you will see it soon on the Merritt College website, especially if you are a new student. It will be the new, state-mandated online orientation that will give some students an option of going through the mandatory orientation on their computer  at their convenience. Thanks to Debra Jacks and Dean Lasana Hotep of Student Services for organizing and overseeing the comprehensive details of the shoot and to all the students (and some staff) who participated. Pictured above is Birhon Quizhpe, Puente student and ASMC Senator, see other photos below.

IMG_6935           IMG_4721IMG_4703


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Need More Units? Register for a Late-Start Class!

2 September 2014

Even though registration is over for full-term classes, there are still plenty of short-term classes to take from September to November. Just click here to see the entire list of classes (as of September 12). 20140515_Merritt_IMG_8011

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Parents Get Support from CalWORKs Program to Reach Academic Goals

27 August 2014

IMG_2162 copy

Claire Crosetti, Merritt’s CalWORKs coordinator, assists new students at the program’s orientation while keeping their children busy. The program helps families with dependent children pursue their academic goals by providing case management services to students who are enrolled in classes and receiving public assistance so they can become self-sufficient in the workforce. To get additional information or to schedule an appointment, please go to the website or call MerrittWORKs at (510) 436-2651 or (510) 436-2469.

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