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Steps to Enroll

Steps to Apply & Enroll for Summer & Fall 2018


Follow the steps below to meet your academic goals!

Go directly to Step 5 below to enroll.

Skip Steps 2-4.

Go to the Welcome Center, R-105, (510) 436-2445.

Step 1.
Apply for Admission
If you are a new or returning student, you will need to fill out an online application here and select Merritt College. Check your email within 24 hours to get your Student ID Number and Student Passport Number that you will need to enroll. If you do not receive that email, write to with your information.

Step 2. Complete Online Orientation (or in person)
Now that you have your Student ID Number, you can complete your Online Orientation. This will provide you with important information about college policies, procedures, programs, and student support services. Check the in-person Orientation schedule here to find dates to take Orientation in person.

Step 3. Get Advice on the Assessment Process
Assessment staff and counselors review multiple measures to advise students on appropriate courses for enrollment. Multiple measures are obtained from your high school transcripts or through tests administered by the Assessment Center. Find out more information on the Assessment website. The Assessment location is L-132 (first floor of the Library) and contact number is (510) 436-2460.

Step 4. See a Counselor
Either drop-in  at R-109 or make an appointment with a counselor to to help plan your educational program and to make sure that you are enrolling in the appropriate courses for your transfer, degree, or certificate goals. Find more information about counseling HERE. 

Step 5. Enroll in Your Classes
 Go to the Passport Student Center to enroll in your classes.

Step 6. Pay Your Fees
You can pay online at the Passport Student Center or at the Cashier’s Office in Q-228.

*You are a returning student if you have not attended Peralta classes continuously for two semesters. You will need to reapply.

**You are a continuing student if you have been taking classes continuously from one semester to the next. You can now enroll.