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Bright Sun Shines on Classified Appreciation Day as Administrators Dish Out Food–and Praise!

18 June 2017

(SEE PHOTOS) With Arnulfo Cedillo and Jeff Lamb grilling, and other administrators offering up side dishes they had prepared, the annual Classified Appreciation Day was well on its way on 6/14 under sunny skies on the beautiful Landscape Horticulture grounds.


The event was created by Merritt’s administrators to recognize all the hard work the Classified Staff has done throughout the year.  Administrators including President Burns, Dr. Lilia Chavez, Dr. Siri Brown, Dr. Dettie Del Rosario, Dr. Rosemary Delia, Robbie Kunkel, Dr. Herbert Kitchen, and Maria Spencer organized the event, covered the cost of the food and beverages, cooked and served, provided the raffle prize, and collectively contributed their time to show their appreciation to the Classified Staff.


It was also a rare time for faculty, staff, and administrators to get together to relax. listen to music, and enjoy each others company.


On the menu was BBQ beef and chicken with rice, along with homemade side dishes of salsa and chips, black beans, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and peach cobbler for dessert.


Thanks to event photographer-of-the-day Maria Spencer who documented the lively scene. 









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