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Need More Units? Enroll NOW for Summer Biology and Business Classes Starting This Week

16 June 2017

If you want to get ahead before the fall semester starts, here are a few classes that can help! You can earn 5 units in Biology 2: Human Anatomy (#30003) where you’ll  earn about the human body using models,  specimens, and cadavers. June 19-August 3, Mondays-Thursdays, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


In these two online Business classes you can conveniently learn from your own home. Take Financial Literacy (BUS 80, #31051, 2 units) and learn about financial aid, budgeting, saving, banking, credit cards, loans, and taxation in just six weeks! In General Accounting (BUS 20, #30140, 3 units), you will learn the important principles of accounting. Both online classes are taught by Professor Simon Chan. If you have any questions, contact him at


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