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Learn About Natural History and How to Sustain the Environment

9 January 2018

Start the Spring semester learning about sustainable solutions to the country’s environmental issues in “Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems” (ENVMT 2 and 2L, Courses #22665 and #28478, starts 1/22, Instructor: David Ralston, and then take one or more of Merritt’s late-start Natural History classes to see nature’s beauty firsthand.


See the main flyer below to learn more about:


“The Natural History of the Carrizo Plain” (BIOL 62N, starts 3/1, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE );


“The Natural History of the Islands of California” (BIOL 62S, starts 3/13, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE


“Waterbirds of Central California” (BIOL48, starts 3/14, Instructor:, see individual flyer HERE


To apply and/or enroll, follow the easy steps HERE. For questions, contact the instructors at their emails above.



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