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Help Support Our Veterans by Understanding Their Value With New Resource

2 November 2017

 Veterans Services Counselor Stefanie Di Vito announces a new resources to help understanding and support Merritt’s veterans: In any given semester, there are 150-200 student veterans enrolled at Merritt who face many challenges in the transition to civilian life. While we cannot truly empathize unless we are veterans ourselves, we can strive to understand the unique value that student vets bring to our campus and we can create a campus environment that welcomes them.


To that end, the State Chancellor’s Office has given us FREE online access to a terrific, short interactive training, “Veterans on Campus,” aimed at helping ALL of us better support and understand our student veterans. This fun 20-minute course: makes you aware of common challenges faced by student vets, shows you how to approach student vets you might be worried about, and demonstrates how to refer student vets to support services.You can start, stop and return to the training whenever you like, and you can print a certificate at the end of the training to get staff development credit for completing it!


To take the course, follow these steps:

·        Go to:

·       Create a New Account

        Follow the on-screen instructions and choose “Veterans on Campus” for faculty and staff

·        Click “LAUNCH”

(Pictured: Student veterans Rocky Dunn (left) and Terrell Woodard (right) with VA Certifying Official Margie Rubio at the Welcome Center.)


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