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Merritt Goes Mobile: New Streamlined Website Fits Your Smart Phone!

8 September 2017

Merritt College now has a mobile website! That means that students can just go to on their smart phones and apply, enroll, and find classes in a flash; and faculty, staff, and the entire community can readily access information as well.


As you can see, the three categories on this easy-to-navigate mobile homepage are simply Apply & Enroll, Student Services, and Academic Programs, along with all the accompanying links. That means students can sign up, get help, and find a career all on their little phones! (They can also find all the links from the desktop website at the top Main Menu or at the bottom by switching to Desktop).


So give it a try! Pick up your smart phone to check it out. Then, for easy access, you can put the Merritt College icon directly on your phone by going to “Add to Home Screen.”


This site was custom-made right here on campus and is still new, so we are continuously adding new features and making improvements. Please send any feedback or questions to Susan May at


We are dedicated to making the online journey from community to campus as easy and stress-free as possible!



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