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May Merritt Connection: Read All the News in This Special Year-End Issue

17 May 2018

In between attending all of the year-end celebrations, take a look at the latest Merritt Connection which also marks the end of the newsletter until September. You’ll find a behind-the-scenes look at the Commencement Committee hard at work, the FYE students displaying their visions for the future, the accomplishments of the new Merritt Art Students Association, the ambitious new plans for keeping Food Bank recipients healthy, words of praise for our Student Aides, an Administration of Justice student’s summary of the annual “Law Day,” a reminder to register your child now for a great Kids College experience starting June 11, and profiles of Merritt’s top students who will be recognized at Merritt’s 62rd Annual Commencement on April 23rd.

If you have any ideas, articles, photos, or comments about The Merritt Connection, please feel free to contact me, Susan May, at Have a great summer!

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