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Don’t Let the Name Fool You: “Microscopy Research Practicum” Welcomes All Levels, 6/13

11 June 2018

Would you like to take images of living organisms like those in the flyer? Despite the scary name, you too can sign up for this summer course, Advanced Microscopy Research Practicum, BIOSCI 4, #30976, starting June 13. In this hands-on class, you’ll also learn about fluorescence microscopy, how to perform  biological research, and find out a variety of career possibilities in the biomedical field. For more information, go to For questions, contact Candy Mintz,, or Gisele Giorgi,

BIOSCI 4, #30976, 1 Unit,  6/13-8/2, Wed/Thurs, 6-9 p.m., Building S, Room 110

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