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Chancellor’s Forum Opens Doors to Discussion About District and College Issues

9 October 2017

Chancellor Jowel Laguerre’s visit to campus on October 2 for his annual Fall Forum allowed faculty and staff the opportunity to discuss District and college issues in an open, informal setting. Bringing along newest Trustee Karen Weinstein with him to be aware of what’s on the minds of Merritt, the Chancellor opened the floor to those with ideas for how to make Merritt and the entire District a better place.


The discussion started off with a topic that seemed to be on everyone’s minds: The Oakland A’s possible relocation to District property. The Chancellor assured the audience of faculty and staff that no decision woud be made without college and community input. Other topics included elevator maintenance issues, getting invoices paid promptly, possibility of a shuttle from Fruitvale BART, evacuation training, infrastrucutre, facilities (with an introduction of new Director of Facilities Enrique Villasana), enrollment management, a future bond measure, and more.


Thanks to Chancellor Laguerre for allowing Merritt’s voices to be heard.

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