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If Jedi Can Train on Islands, You Can Too! Explore the Islands of California in BIOL 62S

5 January 2018

Have you ever been to any islands in California–or even know about them? Now, starting March 13, you can not only learn about the geology, ecology, and history of the many islands in our state but also go on field trips to explore them in this new class, “The Natural History of the Islands of California,” BIOL 62S, course #28358.  The class was created and is being taught Dr. Brad Balukjian,  who earned his Ph.D. in island biogeography and has conducted research on islands all over the world. The 2-unit class starts March 13. For more information, contact Dr. Balukjian at (This Spring Dr. Balukjian also will be teaching the 4-unit class, “Biology of the Living World,” BIOL 29, #24483.)

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