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Technology Committee Home

The charge of the Technology Committee is to:  

  1. Assess how effectively current technology is being utilized at the College
  2. Identify, prioritize and recommend areas for expansion of technology utilization for the enhancement of instructional programs, student services and the management of the College
  3. Identify, prioritize and recommend both on-going and specialized training needs for maximum utilization of technological resources
  4. Identify, prioritize and recommend staffing for technology
  5. Develop an on-going comprehensive College Technology Plan for consideration by College Council
  6. Recommend funding strategies and priorities for major technology spending
  7. Advise the District Technology Committee about the information technology needs and concerns of Merritt College
  8. Receive regular reports from the District Information Technology Committee, and review and respond as appropriate
  9. Establish (as needed) technology subcommittees.

Merritt College Mission Statement
The mission of Merritt College is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve by helping students to attain knowledge, master skills, and develop the appreciation, attitudes and values needed to succeed and participate responsibly in a democratic society.
To accomplish its mission the College provides open access to excellent instructional programs and comprehensive support services in a culturally rich, caring and supportive learning environment. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, contribute to the economic growth of our communities while assisting students to attain degrees and certificates, earn credits to transfer and develop the skills necessary to complete their educational goals.
Merritt College Core Values

  • Student Success – We provide challenging and rigorous learning experiences that support the academic and personal success of our students.
  • Caring Spirit – We genuinely care about every member of our campus community. Teamwork and Inclusion – We encourage everyone to participate in college governance and assume responsibility for acting on our shared commitment to provide exceptional learning experiences.
  • Campus Climate – We strive to create a student-centered learning environment that leads to student retention, persistence and success.
  • Diversity – We honor and respect the different backgrounds, experiences, languages, values and cultures of everyone at the college