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The AA-T degree in sociology is designed for students who wish to use sociology as a foundation for continued education in social sciences at the University level at CSUs or UCs.  Sociology majors will have the advantage of learning basics principles of sociology in a nurturing, environment with small class sizes that will provide them the confidence, academic knowledge and practical skills to be successful taking upper division question courses.

This degree can also be beneficial to students pursuing other humanities and social sciences majors at the university level.  The degree requirements include opportunities for students to take courses in Psychology, Administration of Justice, Anthropology and African American Studies.  In addition to these options, the required courses for the degree are taught using an interdisciplinary approach that connects sociological concepts to other disciplines.

The AA-T degree in sociology will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of college General Education Requirements and specific Sociology degree requirements.  The degree requirements are below

General Education CSUGE/IGETC:
(Minimum units necessary to meet CSUGE/IGETC Certification requirements)
Area of Emphasis: 18
• 18 units required from the Area of Emphasis: Sociology
• Courses selected can be used to also fulfill GE areas.
• All courses below transfer to CSU. Those transferable to UCs are indicated with an (*).
Electives and Other Requirements (Computer Literacy, Ethnic Studies):  0-5
(NOTE: Electives and other requirements may be necessary to total 60 overall units required for the Associate Degree.)
Total Required Units: 60

Degree Requirements:

 Soc 1  Introduction to Sociology* 3
Math 13


Soc 120

Introduction to Statistics


Introduction to Research Methods*




 Soc 2  Social Problems 3



Group 1: Select at least two courses for a minimum of 6 units from the following:
SOC 3 Sociology of Women* 3
SOC 5 Minority Groups* 3
SOC 13 Sociology of the Family 3
PSYCH 6 Social Psychology 3


Group 2: Select 1 course from the following (or any sociology course not already used above)
SOC 45 Sociology of Sport 3
AFRAM 10 Sociology of African-Americans 3
ADJUS 21 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3
ANTHR 3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
Total Required Units 18-19

If you are considering a declaring sociology as a major and pursuing the AA-T degree, contact your counselor to discuss your educational plan and help you schedule courses.