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Information and Computer Literacy

Use appropriate technology to identify, locate, evaluate and present information for personal, educational and workplace goal.

At the end of the spring 2017 semester, Merritt College faculty met to discuss their assessment of the Information and Computer Literacy ILO. Faculty from a variety of disciplines brought samples of student work and scoring rubrics that allowed us to consider student achievement in this area. Faculty and classified attended the discussion.

Results and actions will be posted soon.

Information and Computer Literacy Assessment Meeting Summary

Participants: Dan Lawson (Math), Heather Casale (Nutrition), Jennifer Yates (Radiological Sciences), Nia Hill (Landscape Horticulture), Nghiem Thai (Library), Viktor Kharazia (BioSci), Maril Bull (Landscape Horticulture), Laura Forlin (Landscape Horticulture), Molly Sealund (Landscape Horticulture)

Summary of Strengths:

  • Most students are able to use software properly
  • Most students are able to use search engines
  • Many students are able to successfully access information from multiple sites and synthesize the information
  • Our students excel in digital work

Summary of Weaknesses:

  • Some students are challenged by the software
  • Some students rely too heavily on search engines
  • Some students express being fearful of using computers
  • Some students struggle to follow all instructions
  • Some students struggle with computer literacy
  • Some students lack access to computers

Proposed Actions:

  • Consider a college summer bridge computer jam, similar to math model
  • Provide YouTube video or similar online video for step by step instructions for assignments
  • Scaffold projects
  • Add library orientation/computer access as a component of orientation
  • Align instruction with resources
  • Consider addition of short course or noncredit course to improve computer literacy

Agenda for May 15 luncheon

Agenda for March 27 luncheon

ILO college-wide dialogue:

April 2017 issue of Check it Out! (library newsletter)