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2019 Spring Courses

Spring 2019 Courses in Natural History & Sustainability

(Most classes start January 22; Short-term classes start later, see below.)

Enrollment is now open! Follow the steps to apply and/or enroll now here.

Click on each class for more information; enroll by 1/10 to ensure space.

Starts 1/22:

ART 166: Botanical Drawing, Prof. Sheila Metcalf-Tobin, Course #23165: Sharpen your plant observation skills through the medium of drawing. 2 units, Mondays 12:30-4:20 PM, 1/22-5/24.

BIOLOGY 9: Marine Biology, Prof. Analisa Brown, Course #23943/23944: Curious about whales, dolphins, and sharks? Learn how life evolved in the ocean and how it continues to thrive today. 4 units, Tuesdays/Thursdays9-11:45 AM, 1/22-5/24.

GEOGRAPHY 1: Physical Geography, Prof. Teresa Williams, Course #22942/23386: Still bitter about the 5th grade geography bee? Get over it with Teresa Williams’ introduction to how the earth works. 3 units, Mondays/Wednesdays 9-10:15 AM, 1/22-5/24.

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE 2: Plant Materials: Tree ID and Culture, Prof. Laura Forlin, Course #23970: If you’re going to hug trees, you really ought to know their names first. 3 units, Thursdays 10-11:50 AM, 1-3:50 PM, 1/22-5/24.

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE 5EB: Plant Materials: Spring Native Plant ID and Culture, Prof. Stew Winchester, Course #23971: With the rain comes the blooms—learn to identify our local native species. 3 units, Wednesdays 6:30-9:20 PM, 1/22-5/24.

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE 23: Plant Terminology, Prof. Laura Forlin, Course #22958: There’s a lot more to learn than leaves, stems, and roots. 2.5 units, Tuesdays, 1-3:15 PM, 1/22-5/24.

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE 28A: Permaculture Design I, Prof. Grey Kolevzon, Course #22965: A how-to on building sustainable agricultural ecosystems. 3 units, Thursdays 5-9:50 PM, 1/22-5/24.

LANDSCAPE HORTICULTURE 76: Edible Landscaping, Prof. Lawrence Lee, Course #23977: Construct your landscape, and then eat it, whether a home, school garden, or micro-farm. 3 units, Fridays 10-11:50 AM and 1-3:50 PM, 1/22-5/24.

NUTRITION 31: Food Production Systems, Prof. Tara Marino, Course #23047: Where does food come from, and how does it end up on your table? 3 units, Thursdays, 4-8:50 PM, 1/22-5/24.

Starts 2/4: GEOLOGY 21: Bay Area Field Studies, Prof. Teresa Williams, Course #23387: Hands-on training in our local parks, with visits to Mt. Diablo, Pt. Reyes, and Black Diamond. 2 units, 1 Monday evening and 6 Saturdays, 2/4-4/20.

Starts 2/19: BIOLOGY 60C: Natural History of the Bay Area: Herpetology, Prof. Andrew Gottscho, Course # 24194: Explore our local snakes, frogs, and lizards in this field course. 2 units, 6 Tuesdays 6-7:50 PM and 4 Saturday field trips,2/19-5/4.

Starts 3/1: NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES 76E: California Indian Ecology on the Central Coast, Prof. Darby Price, Course #24239: For thousands of years, the Ohlone, Miwok, and other indigenous tribes thrived in the Bay Area—learn how they integrated with the land. 1.5 units, 3 Fridays 6-8:50 PM and 3 weekends, 3/1-3/17.

Starts 3/7: BIOLOGY 62W: Natural History of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, Wisconsin, Prof. Ron Felzer, Course #24027: Ice Age is a great movie, and an even better class—discover the unique geology the glaciers left behind. 1 unit, 5 Thursdays 7-9:50 PM and 1 Saturday, 3/7-5/18.

Starts 3/13: BIOLOGY 62S: Natural History of the Islands of California, Prof. Brad Balukjian, Course #23388: Back by popular demand, join excursions to the Channel Islands, Angel Island, and rarely-visited Brooks Island. 2 units, 9 Wednesdays 6-7:50 PM and 3 Saturday or Sunday field trips, 3/13-5/15.