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Take Statistics

Take Statistics in Fall!

Statistics is the required transfer-level math course for majors like Psychology, History, Art, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Health Education, Journalism, Child Development, or other non-technical fields.

You can take either Statistics or Statistics with Support. Choose the class that is best for you!


Statistics (4 units)


Class Code


Math 13



Math 13


Lamha FULL!


Statistics with Support (6 units total)

In Statistics with Support, you will learn all the same statistics concepts while also having time to review any necessary prerequisite material.


Class Codes


Math 13+213

43154 and 43155

Khaja  FULL!

Math 13+213

43156 and 43157

Ban     FULL!

Math 13+213

43158 and 43159

Ban    FULL!

Math 13+213

43160 and 43161

Shah  FULL!

Math 13+213

43162 and 43163


Math 13+213

43164 and 43165


Math 13+213

43166 and 43167

Lawson    FULL!


Which is the right class for you? It depends on your high school GPA:

➤ If your GPA was 3.0 or higher, take Math 13.
➤ If your GPA was between 2.3 and 3.0, then Math 13+213 is recommended.
➤ If you don’t have recent HS transcripts or your GPA was less than 2.3, then Math 13+213 is required.

If you have any trouble enrolling in the appropriate math class, please email Dan Lawson at