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The Meadow

Welcome to the meadow


meadow-june-20-2016Right off the outdoor kitchen, hub of so many lively college-wide (and district too) gatherings, is our meadow. Pictures of our renewed. meadow coming soon, so check back…but…better yet — seeing it in person is better than this, or the next fuzzy picture.

Merritt College Faculty & Staff:
We love to share our meadow- it’s a great place for bringing people together.   to us if you want to bring your class, committee, confab. Or come by any time you need a New Brutalist break, and lunch amongst the greenery instead.

Come and see the new improved (not yet pictured above) meadow during our upcoming Plant Sale  Δ Saturday October 7, 9am to 3pm /Sunday October 8, 12- 3pmΔ for community, food music, demonstrations, APLD, Floral Design, Vendors, and…Plants! Yes! Plants! We got Plants. Plants r Us. Heirloom, perennial, and annual vegetables • succulents • drought-tolerant • Mediterranean • Native • and of course the usual More.