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(updated 1/14/20)

ALL Spring 2020 Class Schedules are here!
Academic Class Schedule S20
Aesthetic Pruning S20
Floral Design S20

The Aesthetic Pruning series resumes on Jan. 25 with LH800 Introduction to Aesthetic Pruning with Chris Ingram. Note that this is a 6 hour class, twice the time, twice the price: 9:30am- 4:20pm • $78 

Floral Design resumes Jan. 28th with LH825 Introduction to Floral Design. While this is a great place for beginning designers to start, Kay Wolff’s classes are ideal for students of any level. This 8-week class runs from 1/28 to 3/17 on Tuesday evenings, 6- 8:50pm. Fee: $190.

Kay’s classes fill fast these days, so reserve your space now by clicking on below button:



FEE-BASED NON-CREDIT CLASSESNo homework NO grades. No semester-long commitment. No lengthy online application. Open to all, these non-credit, pay-as-you-go classes are fun and enriching regardless of experience or knowledge level. This spring’s classes include Intro to Floral Design, Aesthetic Pruning, Landscape Sketching, and…we’re hoping to offer the first of our cannabis classes soon… 



CLASS SCHEDULES: Do NOT rely on print schedule* or pdf 

*Please note that class schedules (all programs) undergo many changes after the Merritt or Peralta-wide class schedules were printed. Don’t miss out- a class you need may have been added (or have been canceled, shifted to a new time or room, etc.). Be wise- always check the online regularly updated Passport class schedule. Check these pages for updates, news too!

• Find the most up-to-date class schedules through Passport HERE
SPRING 2020 Academic Class Schedule

• The Spring 2020 Pruning class schedule is available HERE
• The Spring 2020 Floral Design class schedule is available HERE

For detailed curriculum information, visit our COURSES and Degrees and Certificates pages. Download a pdf file of our program offerings HERE. Plan ahead- THIS pdf shows projected class scheduling (day/evening fall/spring) through 2020 (everything being subject to change). 

For up-to-date course descriptions and degree/certificate info, see below links.

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Merritt College Horticulture alum Frank Snapp- creator and caretaker of the 40th St. median strips


LH501 Urban Community Gardening!

Tuesday mornings 9- 10:45am at Merritt Hort Dept. 
Wednesday mornings 9:30- 11:15am at Lakeside Park (use the side entrance to gardens that is across from Nature Center/Bird Dome)
That’s right, LH501 is always open for enrollment, throughout the semester, spring, summer and fall. This zero unit class is a great way to learn all about raised bed vegetable gardening and gardening basics, and all at your own pace. No grades, no commitment, no cost. and is taught by retired (only somewhat, apparently) long-time faculty member/former dept. chair Tom Branca. 

_________________________________________ABOUT CLASS SCHEDULES/ARCHIVES

Plan ahead!- THIS pdf shows projected class scheduling (day/evening fall/spring) through 2021 

Important note about printed schedules

The Peralta-wide schedule of classes is printed far in advance of the semester, and many schedule changes are inevitable. Don’t rely solely on the printed schedule of classes, as it won’t show room, instructor, and day/time changes, canceled classes, or classes that have been ADDED to the schedule!

Stay in-the-know for our dept. by checking here, or by using Peralta’s online Passport searchable schedule of classes, where you will always find the most up-to-date class schedule info for all four Peralta colleges!


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