Spring 2020 Courses in Natural History & Sustainability

(Classes run from the week of January 20 to the week of May 18 unless otherwise indicated.)

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New Certificates of Achievement in Conservation & Resource Management (CRM), Natural History & Resources (NHR), and Urban Agroecology (UA) are now approved; the acronyms at the end of each course description indicate the Certificate to which that course belongs; core (required) courses are in boldface. If you have questions about a specific course, please e-mail the professor. All courses are taught at Merritt College’s campus unless otherwise noted.

Environmental Management and Technology (ENVMT) Courses:

ENVMT 2/2L (Course 24116/24117): Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems. Prof. Yael Ehrenberg (nehellion@peralta.edu) and Paul Rogé (proge@peralta.edu). Interdisciplinary study of the impact of human civilization on the earth’s major ecological systems; includes a field lab component. Tuesdays, 1-3:50 PM; Wednesdays 1-3:50 PM. 4 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

ENVMT 35/35L (Course 24118/24119): Introduction to Urban Agroecology. Prof. Yael Ehrenberg (nehellion@peralta.edu) and Paul Rogé (proge@peralta.edu). Intro to the expanding production and distribution of healthy food and environmentally sustainable agriculture in and near cities. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9-11:50 AM. 3 units. NHR; UA.

ENVMT 55 (Course 24176): Principles of Conservation and Land Management. Prof. Jim O’Connor (joconnor@peralta.edu). Introduction to natural resources conservation and management: Historical and political overview of conservation and natural resource policies in California and the United States. Thursdays, 6:30-9:20 PM. 3 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

Biology (BIOL) Courses:

BIOL 9 (Course 22859/22860): Marine Biology. Prof. Ben Nelson (bnelson@peralta.edu). Natural history of marine algae, invertebrates, fish, and mammals, focusing on Northern California coast environments. Tuesday/Thursdays 9-10:15 AM and 10:30-11:45 AM. 4 units. CRM; NHR.

BIOL 60C (Course 23021): Natural History of the Bay Area: Herpetology. Prof. Andrew Gottscho (agottscho@peralta.edu). Survey of the natural history of reptiles and amphibians of the Bay Area. Tuesdays 6-7:50 PM 3/3-5/12, plus five weekend field trips. 2 units. CRM; NHR, UA.

BIOL 61K (Course 23697): Natural History of the Bay Area: Lichens. Prof. Allie Weill (al.m.weill@gmail.com). Common lichens of the SF Bay Area. Mondays 6-7:50 PM 3/9-5/11, plus three weekend field trips. 2 units. CRM; NHR.

Landscape Horticulture (LANHT) Courses:

LAND HORT 2E (Course 24097): Plant Materials: Tree ID and Culture. Prof. Laura Forlin (lforlin@peralta.edu). Identification and culture of trees used in Bay Area landscapes. Wednesdays 6:30-9:20 PM. 3 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

LAND HORT 5B (Course 24098/24099): Plant Materials: Spring Native Plant ID. Prof. Stew Winchester (stewwinchester@sbcglobal.net). Identification and culture of spring native plants used in the landscape. Wednesdays 10-11:50 AM and 1-3:50 PM. 4 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

LAND HORT 23 (Course 22184): Plant Terminology. Prof. Laura Forlin (lforlin@peralta.edu). Terminology relating to roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit used in plant identification courses. Tuesdays 1-3:15 PM. 2.5 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

LAND HORT 28A (Course 22190/22191): Permaculture Design I. Prof. Lawrence Lee (lelee@peralta.edu). Strategies and techniques of applied ecology/permaculture design. Fridays 11 AM- 1:50 PM. 3 units. UA.

LAND HORT 76 (Course 22880/22881): Edible Landscaping. Prof. Lawrence Lee (lelee@peralta.edu). Use of food-producing plants in the constructed landscape for homeowners, renters, school gardens, community gardens, senior centers, and micro-farms. Thursdays 10-11:50 AM, 1-3:50 PM. 3 units. UA.

Geography (GEOG) Courses: 

GEOG 1 (Course 22168 or 22505): Physical Geography. Prof. Teresa Williams (twilliams@peralta.edu). Basic elements of the earth’s physical systems and processes. Mondays/Wednesdays 9-10:15 AM or Tuesdays/Thursdays 10-11:15 AM. 3 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

Geology (GEOL) Courses:

GEOL 1 (Course 22169/22170): Introduction to Physical Geology. Prof. Teresa Williams (twilliams@peralta.edu). Survey of geologic processes responsible for sculpturing the earth. Tuesdays/Thursdays 12:30-1:45 PM and 2:00-3:15 PM. 4 units. CRM; NHR.

GEOL 21 (Course 24397): Bay Area Field Studies. Prof. Teresa Williams (twilliams@peralta.edu). Field trips to Bay Area parks to study the richness of the geologic environment. Select Saturdays, 9 AM-2:50 PM. 2/29-5/9. 1-2 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

Native American Studies (NATAM) Courses:

NATAM 76E (Course 24271): California Indian Ecology on the Central Coast. Prof. Darby Price (dprice@peralta.edu). Native American relationships to the California Central Coast; field trips around the Bay Area:  Pt. Reyes, Coyote Hills, Regional Parks, and more. Friday evenings and weekend field trips, 3/27-4/10. 1.5 units. CRM; NHR; UA.

Art Courses:

ART 166 (Course 22361/22362): Beginning Botanical Drawing. Prof Sheila Metcalf-Tobin (smetcalftobin@peralta.edu). Exploration through drawing of basic plant structures. Mondays 12:30-1:20, 1:30-4:20. 2 units. CRM; NHR.

Nutrition Courses:

NUTR 31 (Course 22263/22264): Food Production Systems. Prof. Ashley Reaver (areaver@peralta.edu). The functions of institutional food service production. Mondays, 4-5:50, 6-8:50 PM. UA.