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Educational Technology

Students will learn the universal design of online course materials, effective organization and delivery of online materials, teaching and learning styles, effective online communication using discussion boards, live chat, online forums, blogs, and wikis. They will also learn best practices for online student assessment and grading, retention, and motivation of online students.


A Certificate of Proficiency in Online Teaching will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the courses specified below. The Certificate of Proficiency is not indicated on the student’s transcript.

Degree Major Requirements:

Certificate of Proficiency Requirements:

Dept/No.  Title  Units 
EDT 1  Introduction to Online Teaching  3 
EDT 2  Introduction to Using Online Courseware (Canvas)  3 
EDT 3  Introduction to Hybrid Teaching  3 
EDT 4  Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction  3 
EDT 5  Creating Multimedia for Online Classes  3 
EDT 6  Providing Support for Online Learners  2 
EDT 8  Applying the OEI Course Design Rubric  3 

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