Article I. Organization

Section 1. Name

This organization shall be known as the Merritt College Classified Senate, hereafter referred to as the MCCS.

Section 2. Charter

The charter of the MCCS shall be to:

2.1. Represent all non-management classified staff of Merritt College on all non-collective bargaining issues.

2.2. Provide classified staff with formal representation and voting rights in the formulation and application of policy and practice related, but not limited to the following:

2.2.1. Processes for institutional/district planning and budget development.

2.2.2. Processes for policies and operations of administrative, instructional, and student services.

2.2.3. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success.

2.2.4. College governance structures as related to classified roles.

2.2.5. Classified roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports.

2.2.6. Policies for classified professional development activities.

2.2.7. Selection and evaluation of administrators.

2.2.8. Policies and operations relating to facilities development, maintenance, and security.

2.2.9. Planning and implementation of technology in operational and instructional programs.

2.2.10. Other support services and operational matters as mutually agreed upon between the President, College Council, and the MCCS.

2.3. Provide a means through which the classified staff will coordinate with administration, faculty, and students to assure opportunities for input from classified staff regarding MCCS business and classified staff representation on MCCS committees, thus assisting in the shared governance process.

2.4. Communicate to the President and the College Council the needs, concerns, viewpoints, and recommendations developed by the MCCS.

2.5. Select representatives from its membership to serve on appropriate standing committees, and all other committees, task forces, or groups deemed necessary by the MCCS and its membership.

2.6. Promote and facilitate the sharing of ideas, techniques, and experiences of its members by publishing and distributing newsletters, minutes, and other appropriate materials as needed.

2.7. Strengthen the unity of the Merritt College Classified Staff through networking activities and other informational forums.

2.8. Promote and support activities that develop or increase the skills, productivity, and professionalism of the classified staff, including education and leadership opportunities.

Article II. Membership

Section 1.

The constituent body of the MCCS shall consist of all (non-management) permanent, full-time, and hourly classified employees assigned to and employed by Merritt College and its outreach centers.

1.1. These employees are eligible voters in elections and are beneficiaries of the Classified Senate.

Section 2.

The following powers, privileges, and rights shall be accorded the membership.

2.1. The right to candidacy in MCCS elections, to hold any appointive position or to be a committee member within the MCCS governance structure (per eligibility requirements in the MCCS By-Laws).

2.2. The right to speak before the MCCS.

2.3. The right to create initiatives submitted to the MCCS.

Section 3. Assessments

Dues shall be recommended at the first general meeting after regular elections annually.

Article III. Governance

Section 1.

The government of the MCCS shall consist of two branches, the Executive and Legislative.

1.1. The Executive Branch shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Information Officer.

1.2. The order of succession shall be as follows for the Presidency: (1) Vice President, (2) Secretary, and (3) Treasurer.

1.3. The Legislative Branch shall consist of the remaining four (4) members and shall be called the Merritt College Classified Senate.

Section 2.

The MCCS will follow the policies and procedures as described in its By-Laws. The members of the MCCS shall review the By-Laws annually.

Article IV. Adoption and Amendments

Section 1.

This Constitution was ratified by the Merritt College Classified Staff in June 1992 and approved by the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees on July 28, 1992.

Section 2.

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by two-thirds vote of the MCCS prior to adoption and must be ratified by a simple majority of the classified body, voting during normal elections or by special referendum.

I. Duties of Officers and Senators


    1. Serves as the official representative of the Merritt College Classified Senate (MCCS).
    2. Responsible for all required reports and recommendations.
    3. Chairs all regular Senate and staff meetings.
    4. Oversees and appoints representatives to committees and subcommittees requiring MCCS representation.
    5. Serves on college committees requiring the MCCS President.
    6. Meets with the Merritt College President when needed.
    7. Serves on the Peralta Classified Senate.
    8. Sets agendas for all MCCS meetings.
    9. Performs other duties as required by office.

Vice President

    1. Assumes duties of President during the President’s absence at the request of the President, or for the unexpired term in the event the President cannot serve.
    2. Facilitates all regular Senate and Staff meetings.
    3. Assists committee and subcommittee chairpersons as needed.
    4. Oversees all reports, finance matters, and minutes in conjunction with the Secretary and Treasurer, as needed.
    5. Performs other duties as required by office.


    1. Acts as chair and meeting facilitator in the absence of the President and Vice President.
    2. Serves as official Historian of Merritt College Classified Senate and archives the minutes.
    3. Responsible for dissemination of documents to the MCCS and Classified Staff.
    4. Responsible for reservation of meeting location.
    5. Performs other duties as required by office.


    1. Minute-taker for all MCCS meetings.
    2. Provides Secretary with all minutes for distribution.
    3. Responsible for roll call and records of all MCCS meetings.
    4. Performs other duties as required by office.


    1. Acts as chair and meeting facilitator in the absence of the President, Vice President, and Secretary.
    2. Maintains financial records, disburses funds, and submits financial reports to the MCCS and staff bi-annually during the academic year.
    3. Actively seeks contributions from staff and other campus branches.
    4. Co-chairs all fundraising committees.
    5. Performs other duties as required by office.

Public Information Officer

    1. Maintains MCCS webpage.
    2. Creates three newsletters per academic year: summer, fall, and spring.
    3. Calendars all MCCS events.
    4. Performs other duties as required by office.


    1. Attends regular MCCS meetings with full voting rights.
    2. Reports matters from Classified Staff and others, which may be of concern to the MCCS. Serves as a liaison for their respective departments and/or divisions.
    3. Reviews and presents committee reports for MCCS action when appropriate.
    4. Serves on committees and subcommittees as appointed by the President.
    5. Performs other duties as required by office.

II. Meetings and Minutes

    1. The MCCS shall meet a minimum of eight (8) times per academic year.
    2. The time and place of regular MCCS meetings will be determined at the second meeting of the newly elected MCCS.
    3. Attendance is mandatory at MCCS meetings. It is the responsibility of the Senators to report unavoidable absences.
    4. Three unreported absences may result in replacement by the MCCS.
    5. A general Classified Staff meeting shall be held a minimum of two times per year.
    6. Approved minutes shall be distributed to all Classified Staff and archived on the MCCS website.

III. Committees and Appointments

    1. The MCCS shall establish its own permanent and, when appropriate, ad hoc committees to assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to operational, environmental, and educational matters, as they pertain to the Classified Staff.
    2. The President shall make all appointments to college committees and MCCS subcommittees based on the recommendation and approval of the MCCS.
    3. The President shall make all college committee appointments in cases of vacancies and unexpired terms with ratification of the MCCS.

IV. Quorums

    1. Quorums shall exist when fifty percent of the MCCS body is present. In absence of a quorum, issues may be discussed, but no actions may be taken.

V. Terms of Office

    1. Senators shall serve a term of two years, from July 1 to June 30 of the second year. Half of the MCCS shall be elected in alternate years.
    2. MCCS officers shall serve a term of one year, from July 1 to June 30.
    3. Permanent MCCS committee chairs shall serve a term of one year, from July 1 to June 30.