Child Development Permit

California Child Development Permit Requirements

Assistant Teacher Permit:
  • Any 6 Child Development units
  • The units can be 1 unit, 2 units or 3 units
  • No experience required
Merritt College Department recommends the following courses for Assistant teacher permit:
  • CHDEV 50 and 51 or CHDEV 51 and 53


Associate Teacher Permit:
  • 12 CHDEV core units
  • CHDEV 51, 53, 54B and 3 additional CHDEV units
  • Plus  50 days work  experience in Early Childhood Education (ECE) within 2 years
Merritt College Department recommended the following 12 units for Associate teacher permit:
  • CHDEV 51: Child Growth & Development
  • CHDEV 53: The Child, the Family & Community
  • CHDEV 50: Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • CHDEV 54B: Introduction to Curriculum


Teacher Permit:
  • 24 CHDEV units (12 CD cores units: CHDEV 50,51,53,54B) plus 12 additional CHDEV units)
  • 16 General Education (GE) units
  • Plus 175 days of  work experience in ECE within 4 years


See the Child Development Permit matrix in English and Spanish attached below

English child development permit matrix

Spanish child development permit matrix


Students with a BA or higher please, contact the Child Development Resource Center at

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