The chronic care assistant program consists of three courses and an internship. The program will provide medical assistants with the additional skills and training necessary to work as a chronic care assistant. Upon completion of the program, they will be prepared to work as members of the health care team to help clients with chronic conditions to live a healthier life.  The first course provides an overview of the role of the chronic care assistant instruction in the foundational knowledge related to common chronic diseases and their management and care. The second course prepares the student to function as a member of t he panel management team, acting as a messenger relaying information from the physician/provider to the client and translator/navigator meeting with the client before, during and after medical appointments and providing support in between visits. Students will learn to work as a health coach helping the patient self-manage their chronic conditions to live a healthy life with a chronic disease.  The third course is designed to help the student transition from the role of medical assistant to the role of chronic care assistant. It will be taught concurrently with a work study internship.

Certificate of Proficiency Requirements:

Dept/No. Title Units
CHCAS 202A Foundations for the Chronic Care Assistant 4
CHCAS 202B Chronic Care Assistant I 4
CHCAS 202C Chronic Care Assistant II 2
COPED 470G Occupational Work Experience in Chronic Care Assistant  2
Total Units: 12