Course Number: CHCAS 202A
Foundations for the Chronic Care Assistant
Units: 4
Class: 4 hours lecture (GR)
Co-requisite: Chcas 202B
Recommended preparation: Medas 202
Description: Introduction to the foundational skills needed for medical assistants to advance to chronic care assistant: Role of the chronic care assistant, review of drug-dose calculations, pathophysiology of common chronic care conditions, and medications used to treat common chronic care conditions.  1299.00


Course Number: CHCAS 202B
Chronic Care Assistant I
Units: 4
Class: 4 hours lecture (GR)
Co-requisite: Chcas 202A
Preparation for the role of chronic care assistant: Assessment of health care, chronic care improvement solutions and population health improvement solutions, including self-care adherence support, health behavior change, whole person care, culturally competent care, motivational interviewing, and study of the roles of the chronic care assistant.  1299.00


Course Number: CHCAS 202C
Chronic Care Assistant II
Units: 2
Class: 2 hours lecture (GR)
Pre-requisite: Chcas 202B
Co-requisite: Coped 470G
Description: Continuation of CHCAS 202B applying skills and knowledge learned in the field: Participate in panel management team discussions, perform role of messenger, client self-management plans; sessions where experiences, issues and problems can be explored and analyzed.  1299.00