If you have questions about how your status may affect your career path or what options are open to you, we encourage you to talk to a counselor and check out the resources below.

Graduate/Professional School Options

  • The Immigrants Rising “Life After College” Guide explores graduate school, professional schools, and work options for undocumented students
  • Pre-Health Dreamers has several resources and guides for students interested in pursuing the medical and allied health fields, such as medical school, Dental school, and Nursing.
  • California SB 1139 (2016) prohibits excluding undocumented immigrants from medical school or residency programs on the basis on their citizenship or immigration status.
  • Immigrants Rising has a list of Graduate School Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships that are open to students regardless of citizenship status.

Entrepreneurship Options

Students with DACA are granted temporary work authorization, which opens up a wide variety of internship and career opportunities. However, there are also many other options for income generation, regardless of your current immigration status, including independent contracting, freelance work, and entrepreneurship.