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Priority Needs and Requests

1.  Merritt College Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is needed.  Upgrades and maintenance, including routers, switches, firewalls, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other network components must be funded. Wi-Fi network  maintenance and equipment are needed to keep up the high-level of wireless and network usage.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3

2.  Classroom P218 Fix

Classroom P218 was upgraded to a smart classroom, but the orientation of the switches, fixtures and general classroom operations was incorrect.  This has made the use of smart classroom functions inoperable.  District support is needed to fix the issues and make proper use of this busy classroom space.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3 and 5

3. Webmaster Consultant Position

Merritt College has no webmaster available to assist with migration  of the website to WordPress or to provide ongoing support of the website.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 1, 2, 3

4. Merritt College Campus-Wide and Department-Specific Licenses and  Software

Adobe Acrobat across the campus is needed. The Technology and Distance Education Committees, among others, have requested campus-wide purchase of  “Turnitin” to support all instructors and departments thwart cheating.  Software is needed to support operations and instruction.  Microscopy, biology, the learning center and the library need specific licenses.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3 and 5

5. Servers

Existing servers need to be refreshed and/or upgraded for critical operations.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3, and 5

6 A. Merritt Laptop/ tablets for adjuncts

2012-13 computer refresh limited the kinds and numbers of computers and tablets available for faculty and staff, and adjuncts were not included in the refresh.  Some, not all, adjuncts need laptops and/or tablets for their teaching obligations at Merritt, particularly online instructors.  Estimates are that 30 tablets, cases, and/or laptops are needed.
Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3 and 5

6B.  Instructional Equipment Unfunded by Current Computer Refresh

Supports ITS Operational Outcomes 2, 3 and 5