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Student Success Program (formerly Matriculation)
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Matriculation is a state-mandated program/process, which brings the College’s staff and resources into a partnership with students to ensure their educational success.

Merritt College agrees to provide an organized process of: admission, orientation, assessment, counseling and/or advising, and the monitoring of students’ progress through follow-up activities.

The students agree to declare a specific educational objective within a reasonable length of time, complete a Student Educational Plan, attend classes regularly, complete assigned course work, and maintain satisfactory progress toward the achievement of their educational goal.

All students, except those exempted on the basis of locally established criteria (see Exemption from Matriculation) are expected to complete the State’s matriculation requirements. The five components of matriculation that students will participate in are:,

  1. Admission: Completing an admission application which will provide the college with information about the student’s educational plans and career goals.
  2. Assessment: Participating in an assessment session, which measures student’s current skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. The scores are used for advising students in selecting the appropriate level of courses.
  3. Orientation: Attending an “Orientation to College” session. Students are provided important information on how to succeed in college by acquainting them with the college’s facilities, rules, policies and procedures; its supportive services and special programs, and course expectations and other academic procedures.
  4. Counseling and Advisement: Meeting with a counselor to identify and develop the student’s individual educational goal and select appropriate level courses.
  5. Follow-Up: Participating in other follow-up support services. Special efforts will be made to assist:

a. “undecided” students identify an educational or career goal;
b. students who are enrolled in pre-collegiate basic skills courses; and
c. students who have been placed on progress and/or academic probation.

Students with physical, visual, communication, or learning disabilities who require special assistance to participate in the assessment or other parts of the Orientation/ Assessment/Advising process should contact either the Disabled Students Programs and Services Office located in Building R, Room 109, at (510) 436-2429; or the Assessment Center located in Building R, Room 109, at (510) 436-2562.

Important Notes: There is no charge for assessment, orientation, or counseling sessions. No children can attend. All students are welcome to participate in any aspect of this program. Appointments are required. Student Success Program activities are conducted periodically throughout the school year.