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Entering Assessment Data Into Taskstream (A Step-by-Step Guide)

In order to document your course assessment in Taskstream, you will need to do the following six steps. Each step has a pdf file associated with it that will take you through the steps involved for each task:


1. Set up a Taskstream account.

Follow the instructions at:

2. Add your SLOs.

For most courses this step is already complete so this step can be skipped.

PDF Guide to Adding SLOs Guide to Adding your SLOs


3.  Describe your assessment plan.

This is a description of what you plan to do in order to determine whether or not students have achieved the desired outcome.

Guideto Adding an Assessment Plan Guide to Adding an Assessment Plan


4. Describe your assessment results.

Describe the results of the assessment. How many students met your expectations? What aspect of the problem/topic/assignment did the students understand well and what did they need to work on more? You will need to determine whether or not you are satisfied with the results for the outcome as measured.

Guide to Adding Assessment Results Guide to Adding Assessment Results


5. Describe your actions to improve learning.

Based on the results that you measured, how will you improve in the future? If you are happy with the results, is there any way for you to expand your success in this area to other areas? Are your expectations high enough for the students? This is a place to reflect on your findings and make improvements.

Guide to Adding an Action Plan Guide to Adding an Action Plan


6. Provide a status update.

Once you have had a chance to implement changes, go back and record them.

Guide to Adding a Status Update Guide to Adding a Status Report