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Helpful Links

  • Merritt College Radiologic Science Handbook- Revised Fall 2014: The Radiologic Science Student Handbook contains program policies and other helpful information.
  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists: Lots of info on the profession, accredited schools, news, continuing education opportunities, and more.
  • California Society of Radiologic Technologists: Info on the profession, jobs, continuing education, press releases, legislative actions, and more.
  • American Registry of Radiologic Technology: The credentialing agency for the profession. Info on the credentialing process, testing information, exam content specifications and more.
  • California Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch: Regulatory Agency for radiation safety, licensing and certification of physicians and technologists in California, and accreditation of x-ray schools in California. Info about legislation relating to radiation safety, info pertaining to x-ray schools, directories of schools, licensed physicians, and certificated radiologic technologists.
  • For links to Merritt College’s Radiologic Science Program Clinical Affiliates, click HERE.