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Spring 2019 LANHORT 77

Landscape Horticulture 77: Crop Production, Marketing, and Sales

Do you want to help select and propagate crops for Merritt’s spring plant sale? Are you interested in gaining more hands-on propagating experience? Would you like to learn how to grow a wide variety of plants, on a larger scale? Sign up for the LH77 Crop Production, Marketing and Sales course this spring!

LH77 is a useful course for anyone interested in nursery management, permaculture, community gardening, farming, or anyone who would like to start their own nursery. 

Instructor: Nia Hill

Nia is Merritt’s Landscape Horticulture Department’s nursery manager, science lab technician and plant sale crop production manager. She has experience growing herbs for Merritt’s plant sale, supervising propagation interns and volunteers, and managing crops for Merritt’s spring and fall plant sales. Ms. Hill also founded and runs Nourish Wellness, a nonprofit that focuses on food justice and garden education.

Course Number 23980, Wednesdays Lecture 2-2:30 PM, Lab 2:30-5:20 PM

Note: This class counts as an elective in the new Urban Agroecology Certificate of Achievement being developed.

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