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Get outside. And get paid.


NHS is not just about the classroom, but getting you trained for good green jobs. As new opportunities come up, we’ll post them here.

Planting Justice is at old Adachi Nursery and they’re hiring


Rising Sun Center for Opportunity in Oakland.

Students interested in environmental justice and energy efficiency may be interested in working with us. We are hiring for a Smart Thermostat Specialist job posting and there are other positions with Rising Sun as well.

The Watershed Project (Advisory Board Partner)

Outreach and Restoration Coordinator, Lead Gardener,

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (Advisory Board Partner)

Career Center,

California State Parks (Advisory Board Partner)

Park Aide,

Senior Park Aide,

Park Interpretive Specialist,

Maintenance Aide,

Senior Maintenance Aide,

The Ecology Center

Youth Environmental Academy,