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What Are Periodicals?

Periodicals are materials such as magazines, newspapers, journals, and newsletters that are published at regular intervals. The Library subscribes to a variety of periodicals covering a wide range of topics and interests. The Library carries over 90 titles in print with many more available in full-text through our databases.

You can borrow periodicals to read in the library by asking at the Periodicals Desk, located right before the reference desk.

To see if we carry a specific magazine or journal, search for the title or ISSN (the periodical’s unique identification number) in WebPAC Pro, the Library’s online catalog:


Why Use Periodicals?

  • Periodicals cover events more quickly than books.
  • Periodicals contain articles on very specific subjects.
  • Periodicals often describe research in greater detail than books.
  • Periodicals are more likely to cover local events and topics.

 Periodicals Assistance

For assistance with periodicals or additional information, please contact a librarian at (510) 436-2557 or visit the Reference Desk in person.