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(updated May 10, 2017)

• The Fall 2017 semester schedule is available HERE!

• The Summer 2017 schedule is available HERE!

• Find the most up-to-date summer and fall classes and availability HERE. 


Registration for summer and fall is open now! Dates vary depending on status- continuing, new, disability, vets, etc. Log in to your student center to see when registration is open for you.

FEE-BASED (not-for-credit community pay-as-you-go classes) CLASS NEWS:

Summer 2017 Landscape Sketching in the Field begins June 6, 2017! Download flyer/registration form HERE

Summer 2017 Floral Design courses will be announced soon. Watch this space.

For detailed curriculum info, please visit our course and degrees/certificate pages. Download a pdf file of our program offerings HERE.

NEW! Plan ahead- THIS pdf shows projected class scheduling (day/evening fall/spring) through 2020 (everything being subject to change).    

The Landscape Horticulture Department is located on the northwestern end of the Merritt College campus, up the road (Margie lane) from the Children’s Center and across from the tennis courts. Use the northerly  loop road entrance into the campus and then take an immediate left. The gate will open automatically when you drive up to it during our regular hours. If it does not open during regularly scheduled class time, please notify us at (510) 436-2418 (office) or 436-2491 (field office).

Our hours vary:

During spring and fall semesters: Monday – Thursday 8:30am until approximately 9:30 or 10pm (until last class is gone). Fridays: 8:30am- 5:30pm.
During spring and fall semesters we are also open on some Saturdays, 9am- 12:30pm. See the Aesthetic Pruning class schedule for Saturday dates.
During summer, we are usually open Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 7pm.



• The Horticulture department, in collaboration with Laney College Construction, won the Landscaping award at SMUD’s October, 2017 Tiny House competition (and Laney’s “The Wedge” won four other awards as well). See Tiny House

The Merritt College Landscape Horticulture Program and its facilities are among the largest in northern California. These facilities include 5,000 square feet of computerized greenhouses, a 5,000-square-foot lath house, floral and drafting lab, library, a rapidly expanding arboretum, and the most up-to-date horticulture equipment. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in all the major horticultural disciplines–including landscape design and construction, nursery and greenhouse management, floral production and design, turf management and arboriculture (see complete list of degree and certificate programs and courses below).

The Landscape Horticulture program at offers many benefits that make us the first choice of over 5,000 students each year including: our over 45-year tradition of academic excellence most prominently manifested in our distinguished alumni and the faculty who taught them; our small classes, caring faculty, friendly admissions staff, and first-class support services; our great location–the campus is nestled in the scenic Oakland hills with a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay and out through the Golden Gate and beyond. Prospective students can meet with a counselor or can call the Landscape Horticulture Department at  (510) 436-2418 or email

Career opportunities abound! Graduates are employed by city, county and regional parks departments, the California State Division of Highways, county, state and federal department of agriculture, school and college districts, botanical gardens, golf courses, pest control contractors, landscape contactors, retail and wholesale nurseries and flower shops. Many become self-employed in landscape management and contracting. Entry salaries vary considerably depending on skill level and geographic location.

For the most up-to-date complete course descriptions and degree/certificate info, follow the below links.
For more detail on department events, history, news, etc., visit

Landscape Horticulture Degrees

  • Associate of Arts in Landscape Architecture
  • Associate of Science in Landscape Design and Construction Specialist
  • Associate of Science in Landscape and Parks Maintenance Specialist
  • Associate of Science in Nursery Management Specialist

Landscape Horticulture Certificates

  • Certificate of Achievement in Basic Landscape Horticulture
  • Certificate of Achievement in Intermediate Landscape Design and Construction
  • Certificate of Achievement in Intermediate Landscape and Parks Maintenance
  • Certificate of Achievement in Intermediate Nursery Management
  • Certificate of Achievement in Landscape Design and Construction Specialist
  • Certificate of Achievement in Landscape and Parks Maintenance Specialist
  • Certificate of Achievement in Nursery Management Specialist
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Permaculture Design


Landscape Horticulture Course Descriptions 

Fee-Based Classes: Floral Design and Aesthetic Pruning

Spring 2017 class schedules:

Spring 2017 Aesthetic Pruning Class Schedule
Spring 2017 Floral Design Class Schedule

Download an up-to-date pdf of the Hort dept.’s spring 2017 course schedule HERE. While we will post updated course schedules of the Hort department’s schedule as revisions occur after publication, it’s a good idea not to rely on the Peralta-wide print schedule and to instead rely on the dynamically updated searchable class schedule through Passport HERE.

Previous Schedules:

Spring 2017 LANHT academic course schedule HERE

Fall 2016 Aesthetic Pruning Class Schedule
Fall 2016 Floral Design Class Schedule

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