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Instructor Bios

Dr. J. Robert Macey, director and instructor of Merritt’s Genomics Program, is an internationally renowned biologist with concentration on Evolutionary Biology at the integration of Genomics and Plate Tectonics. His research is largely Asian-based having been the first western biologist to work in western China and Soviet Central Asia, as well as the first western biologist to work in Iran following the Islamic Revolution. Research areas concentrate on phylogenetics, biogeography, evolution of the mitochondrial genome, and BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) library creation with the nuclear genome. He has published 45 scientific papers, two book chapters and three book reviews. Prior to joining Merritt College in 2006, he was a Scientist at the DOE Joint Genome Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.



Dr. Hank Fabian considers himself a generalist in the biological sciences with 20 years of experience teaching a variety of biology and natural history classes. During the past 13 years at Merritt College, he’s taught Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biology. With a master’s degree in Agronomy and a doctorate in Biology, he earlier branched out in other areas to gather wider experiences in the field: He’s been a crop geneticist, a scholar of Native American religion, and a commercial cut flower grower. But, he says, his most important role has been as a teacher. As part of Merritt’s Genomics program, he has been instrumental in creating the pedagogy for the courses and developing the new curriculum. With new opportunities arising in Genomics every day, he feels fortunate to be part of this program that meets the needs of the Genomics industry while training Merritt’s students to be top technicians and researchers. In what he calls “the golden age of Genomics,” he says he is honored to be part of an amazing group of scientists and instructors that are rarely seen at a community college.



510-436-2616 (best to use email).


Dr. Brian Rowning combines his unique expertise in molecular, cell, developmental and cancer biology with advanced imaging skills. He is active in Merritt College’s Genomics, Microscopy and Histotechnology programs and is excited about the possibilities for transforming biomedical education, strengthening regional scientific and technological capabilities and expanding student employment opportunities. He has worked as a Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) and UC Berkeley, and he did postdoctoral research at LBNL and at the University of Washington’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Seattle. He has published in leading scientific journals on the roles of cytoskeletal mechanisms and critical signaling pathways in cellular dynamics, body pattern formation and cancer. His research interests include comparative signaling pathways in body plan formation and disease, organelle characterization and function, the neurobiology of behavior and evolutionary Genomics, and the interface between Genomics and imaging technologies for assays and engineering of cells and tissues.



Room D218 Merritt College.