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Permit Advising

Child Development Permit

California Child Development Permit Requirements

Assistant Teacher Permit:
  • Any 6 Child Development units
  • The units can be 1 unit, 2 units or 3 units
  • No experience required
Merritt College Department recommended the following courses for Assistant teacher permit:
  • Child Development (CHDEV) units
Recommended Classes are:

  • CHDEV 50 and 51 or CHDEV 50 and 53


Associate Teacher Permit:
  • 12 CHDEV core units
  • CHDEV 51, 53, 54B and 3 additional CHDEV units
  • Plus minimun 50 days ECE work experience within 2 years
Merritt College Department recommended the following 12 units for Associate teacher permit:
  • CHDEV 51: Child Growth & Development
  • CHDEV 53: The Child, the Family & Community
  • CHDEV 50: Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • CHDEV 54B: Introduction to Curriculum


Teacher Permit:
  • 24 CHDEV units (12 CD cores units (CHDEV 50,51,53,54B) plus 12 additional CHDEV units)
  • 16 General Education (GE) units
  • Plus at least 175 days of ECE work experience within 4 years

see the Child Development Permit matrix in English and Spanish attached below

Permit advising availability

English child development permit matrix

Spanish child development permit matrix

Permit powerpoints update June 13 2012

Students with a BA or higher are recommended to contact a Professional Development Coordinator before enrolling in a CHDEV class. Contact Berenise Herrera at