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AA Learning Community


Standing Left to right: Angela Khoo, Starkesha Royston, Richard Velasquez, Sara Triest, Francisca Garcia, Lesyanis Mendez, Saeda Suleman, Nijmeh Jaber, Janice Barnes, Dorian Burnley, Sushila Gurung, Joselyn Rodriquez, Parveen Harchand, Maria Vasquez, Mari Zarif, Serena Bailey
Bottom Left to right: Kherm Sang, Maria Fortanel, Susan Zhu, Jianfang Cai, Jennifer Chen, Sandra Li

The Child Development A.A. Learning Community Cohort Program is a program designed to assist students working with children ages 0-5 years in AlamedaCounty in obtaining an Associate of Arts Degree in Child Development.

As part of this cohort, students receive academic, counseling and student support services. The cohort students have a designated counselor who develops Student Educational Plans and a Professional Development Coordinator for Child Development Permit Advising.

Students in the cohort must work with children ages 0-5 years in Alameda County for a minimum of 15 hours per week at a family or child care center. They must also be committed to completing 6 units or more of coursework per academic year and participating in CARES Plus (an online learning video course). Upon successful completion of the program, the students are awarded a stipend from First Five of Alameda County.

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