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What We Do

Maria Spencer

As Associate Dean of Educational Success, my role is to support and organize the staffing of the Career Institute and Job Center, overseeing the daily operations, and particularly supporting Cicley and Doris’ work with students and industry partners. I also look forward to supporting the development of additional workshops, such as the workshops teaching about the Microsoft Office Suite and other workshops in development. I am also the point person for Adult Education and I look forward to supporting student who are transitioning from those programs into Merritt College, whether it be as students in academic or CTE programs, or people seeking employment opportunities.

Cicley Winston

As Sector Access Specialist, I help students and community members enroll into WIOA, and I am particularly focused on individuals who are designated as priority of service: Veterans, unemployed, public benefit recipients, basic skills deficient, reentry, and dislocated workers. I have also designed the career-exploration and career-development workshops which will be offered starting next week and I will be working with faculty and other staff to train them as instructors for the workshops, and I’ll do some teaching, too! And, I am thrilled to be working with students and matching students with appropriate internship sites – that reflect the needs of industry and the passions of students.

Doris Hankins

I am the Employment Services Manager, and I’m delighted to work with industry partners to create internship and externship opportunities for students finishing their training in various CTE disciplines. These experiences are crucial to entry-level employment that pays family-supporting wages. I am very happy to report that in our Medical Assisting program, the externship program has been extremely instrumental in students obtaining – and keeping – their first jobs in a professional environment. Approximately 94% of students who complete a Medical Assisting externship receive offers of employment from the host sites, with benefits and family-supporting wages, and I am grateful to be working with my colleague, Mr. Zeke Guzman, in this endeavor. I am working with faculty and industry partners to expand this across the many CTE programs offered at Merritt College. And, I am also involved in working with industry partners to build out the Work-Based Learning Continuum at the college, providing all manner of opportunities for students and community members, ranging from industry-expert guest speakers, informational interviews, job-shadowing and other mentorship experiences, and culminating with capstone experiences like internship/externship opportunities. I am also involved in the buildout of various advisory committees, and supporting our industry partners

Jean Grant

I am the Career Institute Coordinator, and I help orient students to the Career Institute and Job Center, ensuring each is enrolled in CALJobs, performing some case management for WIOA customers, and teaching a few workshops. I will be running the weekly Career Club, a networking and opportunity club that supports people actively searching for employment. I am also involved in the data collection for the Career Institute and Job Center, so we can track, for example, which workshops are most helpful to our industry partners and to students and community members.

Victor Littles

I am the Program Manager/Transition Liaison Specialist, and I work primarily with underserved populations and with community-based organizations that serve these populations. I identify ways that Merritt College can partner with various community-based organizations and how we can best serve their populations. I look at our team as a relay-team, and I’m involved in transitioning potential students and job seekers into Merritt College, and making sure each gets partnered with the appropriate people at the college, relevant to each person’s goals and aspirations. I look forward to creating more relationships with community-based organizations, and working with our team to ensure that students and community members transition into Merritt College smoothly.